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About Us

Why We Started All Apple News

Apple is one of the most popular brands in history. Whenever the new iPhone or AirPods come out, people are grabbing at the opportunity to own Apple’s products. Its success can be attributed to Apple managing to create an image synonymous with the ideas of simplicity and beauty.

We want to create a website that matches those ideals.

Our Guides

Our guides are comprehensive yet aesthetically pleasing. Our tutorials give easy-to-follow instructions but ensure you learn. Our news articles are always up-to-date and provide the latest information, whether it’s product releases or business dealings.

There are plenty of pages out there that cover Apple and have an extensive history of covering Apple. So people ask, “why are you guys making another one?” Our answer is simple: because we think we can do better.

Our Desire to be the Best

Whether it’s design, content or style, we think there’s always something we can improve upon. We realize that if we’re going to be covering a brand that’s all about innovation, we should follow in those footsteps.

As new products come out every year and Apple continues to develop its technology, we’ll be there every step of the way. If you’re looking for the latest Apple news and information on your Apple products, make sure to subscribe to our page.

We’ll make sure you stay up to date.

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Our Team

If you have a passion about Apple products and you love writing, we want you! Check out our team page for available positions.

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