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30 Day Fitness

Get the body you want in just 30 days.

Motivation to stay fit can often drop if results don’t show up after a certain period of time. 30 Day Fitness aims to change that by promising positive change in just 30 days. Depending on your goals, 30 Day Fitness crafts workouts for users of any body shape or size. Each exercise comes with video instructions, and users can track progress. From muscle training to weight loss, 30 Day Fitness is as comprehensive as any app on the market. It also links to Apple’s own Health App so users can link information between the two. After a trial period, 30 Day Fitness is billed weekly. With millions of download worldwide, 30 Day Fitness is an effective app that delivers on its promises. For the fitness enthusiasts or those looking to get into better shape, look into getting 30 Day Fitness, and you'll see results very soon!


Health & Fitness


Bending Spoons Apps IVS

Age Rating


In-app Purchases



568.1 MB


iOS 11.0+


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