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Apple Glasses: Everything We Know So Far

Pearl Zhou

| 2 hours ago


Cue the 20th Century Fox theme song, the future is here—well, almost. With more of Apple's patents shared with the public and confirmed rumors, we took a deep dive into the top-secret and highly spec-ulative Apple Glasses.

If you're wondering, "What are the Apple Glasses?" Don't worry because we will uncover the details about the appearance, functions, price and release of Apple's futuristic eyewear in the next section.

What are Apple Glasses?


Since Apple Glasses isn't a confirmed device, nor are there any older Apple products like it, Apple Glasses, in reality, could be anything.

Some people speculate the Glasses are AR (also known as Augmented Reality) glasses. Other people think it's going to be a VR (Virtual Reality) headset.

Honestly, it could be anyone's guesses what the Apple Glasses are. It's even possible that Apple will release two separate products—AR glasses and VR headset for iPhone. Most notably, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman believes this is the case about Apple Glasses.

From what we've gathered, Apple worked on this product for ages. We're talking over ten years—in the film and entertainment industry, they call it "development hell."

Regardless of its timeline, it's for sure that Apple will perfect the device, the technology and innovations before the Apple Glasses ever see the light of day.

What do Apple Glasses look like?

Besides official patents filed by Apple to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), there isn't a definite answer to the Apple Glasses design.

The Apple Glasses will likely look similar to fashion glasses, with slight modifications and technological advancements to traditional glasses. That would be the most marketable route Apple could take to appeal AR glasses to general consumers.

Additionally, Apple submitted patents that show removable glasses arms, possibly for customization purposes, like the Apple Watch bands.


Nonetheless, Apple fans have created their photos, commercials and concept videos about the Apple Glasses.

Alternatively, suppose Apple releases a VR headset. In that case, it will probably be quicker for fans and speculators to predict the appearance of the Apple Glasses.

Since VR headsets are available on the market for a few years now, Apple will likely do an overhaul of the product design to make it unique and ubiquitous to Apple.


How do Apple Glasses work?


Not much is known about how Apple Glasses will work. According to patents filed to the USPTO, Apple has submitted patents for head-mounted devices (HMD). This wearable device reflects projected images and may create an augmented reality for its user.

On the other hand, speculations reveal that smart glasses could use eye-tracking and pupil expansion technology. The Apple Glasses will optically reflect, refract or diffract light and divert light beams and wavelengths directly to your pupil.


With such precision, Apple is likely to add machine learning into the Apple Glasses. With machine learning already a significant component in the A12 Bionic neural engine chips, it would come to no surprise when Apple expands its machine learning capabilities.

Moreover, Apple has been filing patents that involve eye and gaze tracking.  Most notably, a patent was filed in June. The patent reveals Apple working on an "eye-tracking unit adapted to determine the gaze direction of one or more eyes of the subject."

Pricing and Release

According to notable Apple leaker, speculator and all-around Apple fan, Jon Prosser believes Apple Glasses will be released sometime in the spring between Q2 and Q3.

Prosser's predictions contradict another notable Apple speculator, Ming-Chi Kuo, and his calculated guess of a 2022 release date.

While 2021 may seem like light-years away, it's probably unlikely that Apple will release game-changing smart glasses in the coming year.

Since the coronavirus pandemic disrupted Apple's supply chain, production schedules and overall business, the Apple Glasses will likely be further delayed until 2022 or 2023.

As for how much Apple Glasses will cost, it's difficult to predict. We can attempt to gauge its price by considering how much Apple retails its smart accessories. Apple's cheapest product is the AirPods starting at $159, while the most expensive Apple Watch retails for $799.

While this is a vast range to speculate from, the Apple Glasses price will likely fall on the more expensive spectrum. Depending on the Glasses’ technology and specifications implemented, it could cost more than $400.

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