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Apple Watch Series 5: How to Change Watch Band

Jessica Lee

| 2 months ago


Personalize your Apple Watch, like your iPhone, with Apple Watch Series 5 bands. Available at the Apple Store, you can choose different Apple Watch 5 bands to make your fashion statement and compliment your outfit of the day.

You can choose from Sport Band, Sport Loop, Leather or Stainless Steel for a classic look.

Apple also has different models including the Apple Watch, Nike Apple Watch Series 5 Watch Nike, and Apple Watch Hermés. Each model showcases unique personalities with various textures and colors that differ from the others.

Getting the new band strap is just as important as knowing how to switch bands on your Apple Watch.

Follow our step-by-step three-part guide to learn how to change the Apple Watch Band safely to avoid damaging your device.

Let’s get started!

To Change Apple Watch Band on Your Apple Watch 5:

  1. Locate the band release button on your Apple Watch. The band release button is at the bottom of your screen where the band touches the Apple Watch.
  2. Once you have located the band release button, press it on your Apple Watch.
  3. Carefully slide the band to the side to remove it.
    1. If it does not move, try pressing the band release button.
    2. Avoid forcing the band as it could damage the band slot.
  4. Now that the band is removed, you can change bands and slide in a new band of your choice.

Check Band Strap Sizes

Double-check that the bands are the same sizes or correspond to the Apple Watch case size to ensure your Apple Watch sits securely and comfortably on your wrist.

Depending on the size of your Apple Watch, the band sizes and styles you want could vary. According to Apple, bands for the 38mm and 40mm case can be used for both and bands for 42mm and 44mm cases work well on each other, too.

Adjust To Fit

Now that you have adjusted and customized your Apple Watch, you want to make sure that it does not fall off your wrist or cause you any pain.

Maximize your experience when you make sure you have skin contact with the back of your Apple Watch, so it can detect your heart rate, haptic notifications and other sensors for you.

Tighten and loosen the bands on your wrist until you can wear your Apple Watch without it slipping nor having it halt circulation to your hand. You wouldn’t want your Apple Watch to slip off mid-workout.

These minor adjustments ensure you enjoy using your Apple Watch when you are out for a jog, walking around with friends, or waking up for the day.

Learn more tips and guides for your Apple Watch Series 5!

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Apple Watch Series 5
Release Date
September 2019


• 32GB
• Always on Retina Display
• W3 Apple Wireless Chip
• 3D Touch Display
• Up to 18 hrs Battery Life


More advanced and smarter than almost any smartwatch on the market, the Apple Watch Series 5 does more than keep track of your basic health statistics. With metrics on your cardiovascular health, fitness activity, and more, you can get a full rundown of your health so you know you'll attain your goals.

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