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Best iPhone Wallpapers To Check Out

| 2 months ago


One of the best ways to personalize your mobile device is by changing your iPhone wallpaper. If you have an iPhone, you have access to Apple’s exclusive wallpaper gallery consisting of Dynamic, Stills, and Live photo backgrounds you can apply to your device.

You can change your iPhone screen to virtually any image you wish. Start by checking your Settings application and viewing the “Wallpapers” page to pick which wallpaper you would like to see.

If you don’t have a particular theme or picture in mind, check out some of these wallpaper apps.

Let’s take a look at the three free types of wallpaper automatically available on your iPhone screen.

Dynamic iPhone Wallpapers

Dynamic wallpapers are continually shifting and adjust based on the movement of your device. The ongoing stirring of the Dynamic wallpapers makes it more engaging and appealing to look at when you’re checking your applications and organizing your home pages on your iPhone.

You can expect to see similar Dynamic wallpapers for Apple’s iPhone 12 2020, too.


For example, if you tilt your iPhone lock screen, the images will move in your tilt direction. Unfortunately, you cannot convert a regular photo or Live photo into a dynamic wallpaper for your iPhone.

Currently, Apple has 14 Dynamic default wallpapers for you to select. Choose from a variety of background colors and shades to make your iPhone stand out from everyone else.

Stills iPhone Wallpapers

The most popular kind of wallpaper is Stills. As you can tell in the name, the Stills wallpapers remain “still.” Opposite to the Dynamic type, the Stills are perfect for when you want a simple and less distracting background on your iPhone wallpaper.


The Stills are static images that do not move or change. Apple has 36 different default wallpapers for you to choose from. They range from abstract art, flowers to detailed photos of the earth.

If you don’t like any of these Apple wallpapers, you can use any picture from your Photos and use it as a wallpaper. You can also use images saved from the internet or screenshots as wallpaper, too.

Here’s a list of popular websites to find beautiful, high definition pictures to save and set it to your iPhone Home and Lock screens:

Live iPhone Wallpapers

Just like Live Photos you take on your iPhone, Live wallpapers move and change when you long-press the screen. There are three default Live wallpapers. But if these three don’t interest you, try using your Live Photo.


Despite its entertaining appearance, Live wallpapers are limited to the lock screen only. If you set a Live Photo as a Home Screen wallpaper, it will use the static Key Photo as your wallpaper.

If you want to customize your Lock screen beyond the standard options, learn to take lovely Live Photos with this tutorial from Apple.

Other Wallpapers To Try

Sometimes the standard wallpapers offered on our phones don’t appeal to our preferences or we want more creative freedom with them—and that’s okay!

Luckily, we found other options you can view to find the best wallpaper for you and your device.


Depending on your preference, we gathered a list of cool desktop wallpapers to adjust for your iPhone and blogs to take a look at for inspiration.

Here are a few websites that have cool desktop wallpapers that can be readjusted for an iPhone wallpaper, too.

If you’re still unsure about the wallpaper that suits you best, we found other sources to explore. Check out these blogs for inspiration:

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