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A Guide to Creating Project and Task Pages in Notion

| 18 days ago


Notion is an extremely customizable application built for collaboration and efficiency. Some of the greatest features of the Notion workspace is its ability to streamline project management and tasks.

Notion’s flexible planning workspace allows you to build Project and Task pages that support strategic and long-range planning.

To start Notion, there are four templates that buildup to completing projects and goals in an efficient, short-term manner.

The Template examples include the following:

  • ⛰ Epics are large overarching projects and goals. 
  • 🏃‍♂️ Sprints are time-bounded pushes to complete a set of tasks. 
  • 🔨 Tasks are the actions that make epics. 
  • 🐞 Bugs are tasks to fix things.

A workspace can be toggled by different views and filters. These filters can be adapted to your organizational needs.

Continue reading to learn how to create a project page in your Notion workspace!

Pro Tip!

You can also start a workspace with templates by Notion. These are easy to use and there are many choices that you can adapt to your needs.


To Create a Project Page:

The most simple, basic steps to creating a Project and Tasks in Notion are as follows:

  1. Click the “+” icon next to the “Workspace” in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Name your Project and pick an icon and cover photo to represent your project.
    1. To pick an icon and cover photo, hover over the top of your project name and an “icon” and “cover photo” button will appear.
  3. Chose either a “Page” or “Database”
    1. Page: A document
    2. Database: A space where many Pages can exist
  4. Add important filters or properties that will help you stay organized. For instance, you could add status, calendar, person assignment, and outcomes. Again, these filters are highly customizable.
  5. In the main project view, add tasks that need to be completed and assign filters accordingly.
  6. Click “Filter” and enable the filters or properties you created as a toggle to see a project’s progress.
    1. If you already have a “Task” page set up, you can also add this as a filter to have a high-level view of your project.
    2. If you add a new task within a filtered view, the new task will automatically inherit the filter.

Keep in mind, Notion is highly customizable. There is no single, correct way to build a Project database or Task pages.

Try This:

You can change the style and colors of property icon backgrounds and texts.



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