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How to Download Apps on Apple TV

| 3 months ago


One of the greatest functionalities of Apple TV is the ability to download apps.​

Apps allow you to personalize your Apple TV experience by choosing what you want to watch, what games you want to play or music you want to listen to.

Before you start downloading apps, check to see your Apple TV is connected and your remote is paired to it, too.

Now that you’re ready to go, continue reading to learn how to download apps on your Apple 4K TV and Apple HD TV!

To Download Apps on Your Apple TV HD/4K:

  1. Scroll to find and click the App Store icon.
  2. Browse the App Store for  “Categories,” “Top Charts,” or “Featured” apps
  3. Select the app by clicking “Install.”
    1. Siri Remote: pressing the Touch surface.
    2. Apple TV Remote: pressing the Select button.
  4. Confirm your download with your Apple ID.
  5. Return to the Home screen to find the newly downloaded app.
    • If the selected app was previously downloaded before, an iCloud icon will replace the “Install” button.
    • If the selected app is a paid app, the “price” will replace the “Install” button.
    • If the selected app is already downloaded to your Apple 4K TV or Apple HD TV, “Open” will replace the “Install” button.

Good To Know:

Apple 4K TV has 34 or 64 GB of storage space; versus Apple HD TV has 32 GB of storage space.

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• 32GB / 64GB
• A10X Fusion Chip with 64-Bit Architecture
• HD & UHD TVs with HDMI & Bluetooth Keyboards
• HD & UHD TVs with HDMI & Bluetooth Keyboards
• HDMI 2.0a, 802.11ac Wi‑Fi with MIMO; Simultaneous Dual Band


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