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5 Best "Must Have" Free Apps for Your Apple Watch Series 5

Turner Ngo

| 2 hours ago


Your Apple Watch Series 5 gives you access to thousands of apps on the App Store, but which ones are worth your time? From fitness to games, there’s something for everyone to use and enjoy.

If you have the "iWatch" Series 5, we’ve rounded up our picks for the top apps to get!


Download the following apps so you can optimize your Apple Watch Series 5 experience. Let’s take a look at the top five free apps you need to try.

Nike Training Club


Nike Training Club is an all-encompassing fitness app that provides elite guided training and performance tracking. Nike’s commitment to creating an inclusive app allows Apple Watch users to track their progress without signing up for an account.

Users can check how many reps are left, interval timing, or just what to do next. 

Nike Training Club is designed to spend less time looking at their phones and spending more time exercising. Get the most out of your Nike Apple Watch Series 5 with NTC.

Headspace: Meditation and Sleep


Headspace is a pocket-helper to keep you calm and happy. You get access to guided meditations at your fingertips. These will help you become more mindful of just a few minutes a day.

Through Headspace, the Apple Watch Series 5 can track your meditation time, heart rate, and physical activity.

Headspace also reminds you of daily notifications, so you take time out of your busy day to regain a center of peace.



Citymapper is designed for users to get from point A to B as efficiently as possible. The app notifies users of nearby transit and trip status.

With various travel options, this app allows users to choose between walking, cycling, or rideshare.

Citymapper is a must-download for Apple Watch Series 5 users, no matter where you are in the world.

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker


If you are curious about your sleeping habits, Pillow is the app for you. This app optimizes your Apple Watch Series 5 health features to record and analyze your heart rhythm.

Additionally, Pillow can detect and record noises from your sleep.

Pillow can also help you fall asleep with soothing audio tracks or seamlessly wake you up from a deep slumber with its light alarms.

Trivia Crack


You can also play games on the Apple Watch 5, such as Trivia Crack. One of the most popular games on the iPhone is also available for the Apple Watch!

Despite the small display, nothing is lost in this gaming experience. There are seven different categories to test your trivia knowledge, or you can challenge your friends with just a tap of the wrist.

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More advanced and smarter than almost any smartwatch on the market, the Apple Watch Series 5 does more than keep track of your basic health statistics. With metrics on your cardiovascular health, fitness activity, and more, you can get a full rundown of your health so you know you'll attain your goals.

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