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How to Get Dark Mode on Instagram on iOS 13 and 14

Ryan Anand

| 1 month ago


Dark Mode is more comfortable for you to look at your screen for hours. Enabling Dark Mode would mean you won't have to stress your vision to see things. Especially during the night or when your surrounding is darker, Dark Mode will keep your eyes from squinting at the blindingly bright screen.

While Dark Mode is available on most smartphones nowadays, some mobile applications do not support or have a dark mode.

One of the most popular apps globally, Instagram, doesn't have a dark mode setting. Instagram's bright interface design was intended to match its colorful yet minimalist aesthetic. Instagram's background is naturally white, making it tough on the eyes in some situations.

To get dark mode on Instagram, you'll have to use Apple's settings. Follow our tutorial turn on Dark Mode on Instagram!

To Get Dark Mode on Instagram:

  1. Make sure you're running on at least iOS 13. Checking this will help you save time doing this tutorial again if you need to install the latest iOS.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Tap "Display & Brightness."
  4. Under the "Appearance" section, "Light" should be checked off. Tap the circle under "Dark" to use dark mode instead.
  5. Open Instagram, and the app will be in Dark Mode.

Did You Know?

Dark Mode helps limit eye strain from the bright light and slightly improves your battery life.


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