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How to Go Incognito In Safari On Your Mac Desktop

Turner Ngo

| 25 days ago


In your browser, to go “incognito mode” means you are browsing the internet with anonymity. When you check the dictionary, “incognito” means to “have one's identity concealed...especially to avoid notice or formal attentions.”

In Safari, you can use “Private Browsing” to be in incognito mode. Browsing in “incognito” or “Private Browsing” mode is useful when you use a shared or public device.

The benefits of using “incognito” or “Private Browsing” mode is your search history and data, like cookies from your browser, aren’t saved. The websites you visit are also not shared with the devices connected to your iCloud account

Continue reading to find out how to use incognito in Safari!

To Go Incognito In Safari

  1. Open your Safari browser then click “File” in the Menu bar at the top of your screen.
  2. Choose “New Private Window” to open a “Private Browser” window to start searching in incognito mode.
  3. Private Browsing has a dark window with white text.
  4. When you use a “Private Browsing” window, remember that:
  5. Browsing in one tab is isolated from browsing in another tab. You cannot track search histories, AutoFill or save preferences in incognito.
  6. Your incognito web pages aren’t stored in iCloud, so they won’t show when you view all your open tabs from other devices.
  7. Items you download aren’t included in the downloads list, but the items are saved to your computer.

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