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iOS 14 Release: What You Need To Know

Ryan Anand

| 2 months ago


In June 2020, Apple announced a new iPhone update that will come with the iPhone 12, iOS 14. With it comes several new features designed to improve the iPhone 12 experience.

Currently, under beta testing, many are anticipating the iOS 14 release date. Since the start of the summer, Apple has been releasing a new iOS 14 beta almost every week.

If all goes well and Apple has ironed out all the bugs and fixes noted by its testing developers, we could see the iOS 14 download soon.

We will uncover the iOS 14 features and release details in the next sections.

When Does iOS 14 Come Out?

Announced in June 2020, the iOS 14’s release is expected to be around the time of the iPhone 12’s release. The precise date is yet to be determined.

iOS 14 is expected to be released during Fall 2020.

Because of the iPhone 12's uncertain release date, when the iOS 14 will come out is also a little blurry. The iPhone 12 will most likely see a mid-to-late October release, so there are two main possibilities.

iOS 14 release date could be in mid-September, as it has been historically. If iOS 14 is released in September, it could mean that the iPhone 12 will launch with an updated version of iOS 14. On the other hand, the iOS 14 could premiere alongside the iPhone 12 in October.

However, the 6th version of iOS 14’s beta testing is out now. Check out our video on the 6th beta version’s features!

What Will iOS 14 Come With?

The list of new features that iOS 14 brings to the iPhone 12 is too long to write out in its entirety here. However, there are some critical updates that you should know.

The major changes you will see are on the Home Screen, App Library, Siri functions, and Camera features.

Home Screen

Since the initial iPhone, every app was its square, evenly sized. Now, you can change the size of Apple's apps such as Music, Photos, or Weather for a new look on your Home Screen.


It's more accurate to call them ‘widgets’ now instead of apps. On iOS 13, a specific widget page shows a summary of the information from each app demonstrated in a small window. Now, those widgets coexist with all the other apps, giving you quick info at a glance.

You can stack these widgets to save space, much like an app folder. Scroll through the stack to see the previews. Apple will also create Smart Stacks for you to appear at optimal times or locations depending on your routines.

App Library

Instead of having all your apps clutter your screens, iOS 14 lets you store them away.

On iOS 14, when you download an app, you can put it in the App Library and make it disappear from your screens. This way, your screen can remain simple, and you'll still retain the apps you need.

To access these apps, you need to swipe to the left-most screen and you'll get to the App Library. From there, the apps will be sorted by category automatically with your most-used apps appearing most prominently.


You can also use a search bar at the top of the screen to find the specific apps you want or assign a category to each group of apps in your App Library.

The options you can choose from to group your apps into their own bubbles include Social, Utilities, Productivity & Finance, Information & Reading, Creativity, Other, Health & Fitness, Shopping & Food, Entertainment, Travel, Games, Arcade, and Education.


Siri sees some significant changes with iOS 14.

When you activate Siri, the entire screen is no longer blocked off. Instead, a small icon will appear at the bottom of the screen.


Furthermore, Siri's response, like the answer to your question, will appear in a small bar at the top of the screen. Hence, any tasks you would be doing on-screen will no longer be interrupted.

Siri also sees an upgrade in functionality. With more answers to more questions and the ability to understand more complex commands, Siri makes life even more accessible with iOS 14.


Camera enhancements are mandatory in operational system updates nowadays.

The main camera upgrades we usually need are to take higher quality photos, zoom in more for videos and photos when we’re far away and make the overall photography experience more comfortable.

In the iOS 14 system, users can look forward to seeing improvements in the following:

  • Camera Performance and Shooting Speed: Take photos 90% faster and up to 4 frames per second.
  • Video Mode Toggles: Save time with the video mode toggle at the top right-hand side corner in the Camera app to switch video and Slo-Mo modes.
  • Exposure Adjustment and Night Mode Improvements: Keep your exposure setting for each shot saved to save time adjusting it every time.
  • Selfie Mirroring: Make the finished product the same as the image preview and avoid seeing a flipped selfie like we used to.
  • Better Zoom: Perfect to take more photos and videos of landscape and cityscapes with more distance between you and the subject.

For more details to see the iOS 14 camera features applied to a new iPhone device, take a look at what we know so far about the iPhone 12 camera.

Other changes from the iOS 14 update include user interface improvements and camera and video recording updates through the Camera app:

User Interface Improvements: Limited Photos Permissions, Photo Captions and Filtering Streamlined Navigation, Album Sorting, Hidden Album and Redesigned Image Picker
Camera and video recording Updates: Expanded QuickTake Video Support, Volume Up or Down Burst Mode and QuickTake Memories and Live Photos Improvements

Good To Know:

To check on current updates for your device, make sure to visit your Settings app and search System Updates to get the latest features!

The other minor changes in the iOS 14 update include modifications to the AirPods Banner, Dark Mode Rainbow Wallpapers, Spatial Audio, Time Picker Design Change, and Map Splash Screen.

Picture in Picture

If you ever wanted to multitask on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by using two apps at once, try the Picture in Picture feature in the iOS 14 update. Apple added this new feature to give you more control over maximizing the space on your screen.

Regardless of if you’re using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can continue watching a video in a smaller window while you continue to draft an email or read a text message on the same screen.

Currently, the Picture in Picture feature can only be used on the YouTube app. Until the official launch of iOS 14, Apple will most likely fix any barriers and bugs in the new features to improve user experiences.

Good To Know:

You should also note that FaceTime calls and Siri requests will no longer take the entire area on your screen, even without the Picture in Picture feature.

AirPods Banner

Apple resolved an error that other AirPods users found when connecting their AirPods or AirPods Pro to their iPhone or iPad. The error showed the wrong text, which made it confusing for Apple users to connect their accessory.


In the most recent beta 7 version of the iOS 14, Apple made sure to resolve the minor issue to improve the overall user experience. Now, the official iOS 14 system update shouldn’t have any issues with the AirPods banner.

Dark Mode Rainbow Wallpapers

Dark Mode is an ideal setting for anyone who finds the white background on their screen too bright. Setting your device to Dark Mode in your Settings app will reduce eyestrain and make it easier for you to use your iPhone in dimly-lit settings.

If you prefer using Dark Mode for your iPhone, you will like Apple’s new addition of rainbow wallpapers for this setting.


Originally, the rainbow wallpapers were not compatible with Dark Mode on iPhone devices. In the iOS 14 update, you can now see the rainbow stripe wallpaper when you set your smartphone to Dark Mode.

Spatial Audio

The iOS 14 now has the Spatial Audio enhancement feature to the operating system. Previously seen in the AirPods Pro, Spatial Audio improves your listening experience with surround sound.


For the current beta versions, users cannot test this feature out yet.

In the official and final iOS 14 version, you can hear sounds coming from the iPhone including notification rings and audio-video experiences from FaceTime calls or videos.

Time Picker Design

Unless you tell Siri to set your alarms, you may find it challenging to see the time you want to choose. For users who set their alarms in the middle of the night, Apple added a new design change to make it easier.


In the recent iOS 14 updates, users will see an orange box around the time picker in the Clock app and other applications to select our options in scroll-like fields. You may find this feature helpful as the orange color contrasts with any bright or dark background in most applications.

Map Splash Screen

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has not stopped improving health and fitness features for iPhones and Apple Watches. Beyond the hand-washing reminder, Apple upgraded the Maps Splash Screen.


In the iOS 14 Maps Splash Screen, you are shown the additional guides in the Maps app, including Cycling Navigation, Curated Guides, and Speed Cameras. With more information, you can plan your walks or cycling trips more to explore new locations and restaurants nearby.

News App

If you ever want to read more about a news article in your News app, Apple added the Smart App Banners API upgrade to iOS 14 to help with that step. Previously seen in iOS 13, you can save time with the new Smart App Banners feature.


When you’re on a publisher’s website part of the Apple News+ collection in Safari, you will now be redirected to the News app to read the article. The redirection only works if you subscribe to Apple News+.

Health and Weather Apps

Like the watchOS update, the iOS 14 provides you with the Sleep Tracking feature in the Health app. Customize your Health Checklist in addition to keeping track of your monthly cycles.


If you want to plan your outfits and travel a day ahead, Apple updated the Wealth app to include more information for each day. You will be able to see details about the precipitation and any severe weather conditions coming up for the day and week.


To be determined for the official launch, Apple intends to update the Privacy Report in Safari. The change will notify and educate you about the websites that track your preferences and activity.


We can expect to see extra icons that indicate when one of your applications is using your camera or microphone. This feature is especially helpful when you want to be more cautious about what you’re saying in important calls.

Translate App

As we travel more and communicate with individuals and entrepreneurs across the globe, we will need some assistance from the Translate app. Working with Siri and voice assistants, the Translate app provides better text to voice transcriptions for 11 languages.


If you are translating sensitive content, you can rest assured that Apple added new privacy guidelines. Some of these guidelines require app developers to ask for your permission before accessing your device. This feature will protect you from not wanting to share your location, photos, and network connection.

Digital Car Keys

If you thought Apple ran out of items to transform into a digital form, Apple added another one to its collection. Introducing, Digital Car Keys. With your iPhone, you can start your vehicle, specifically a BMW, without using your physical key.


You can also expect to see upgraded CarPlay features to give you access to Siri controls and Apple Music. The benefits of CarPlay are that it has an easy plug-and-play setup that is simple and recognizable to your iPhone as it mimics the iOS style user interface.

App Clips

For more contactless functions, check out App Clips on your iPhone. The iOS 14 update provides you the opportunity to explore and use app features without downloading the entire app.


App Clips will let you complete tasks like making a purchase or renting a bicycle without opening the app. App Clips also helps with scanning Apple-designed App Clip Codes, QR codes, and NF tags.

Messages App

For more engaging conversations, you can now use @mentions in your group chats within the Messages App. With more virtual group chats, using the @mentions feature and inline replies will organize the conversation to avoid miscommunications.


The Message app also gives you access to adding Memojis to your chats and confetti and new years effects directly to the chat—so everyone sees and experiences the captivating visual effects in the app!

Will My iPhone Support iOS 14?

Like most system updates, the new features may only function on newer devices. To experience all the iOS 14 upgrades, you need the correct device to support it.

Even if you aren't planning on getting the new iPhone 12, you'll probably still want all the excellent iOS 14 features.

Here's a list of iPhone models that will be compatible with iOS 14:

  • iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max)
  • iPhone SE (2016, 2020)
  • iPhone XS (Max)
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 (Plus)
  • iPhone 7 (Plus)
  • iPhone 6s (Plus)
  • iPod touch

If you have a smartphone from the above list, you are well on your way to download the upcoming iOS 14 update. When it is officially released, you can find, access, and download the iOS 14 update in your Settings application.

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The iOS 14 released with a variety of new features, including new widget design, a new built-in translate app, sleep tracking in Health App and more. These are designed to make your iOS experience cleaner yet cooler with its upgrades. iOS 14 truly separates the old-generation of iPhones from the new.

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