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iPad Air Colors: What are the new colors?

Nadia Ali

| 22 minutes ago


While our device's color is not the be all end all for most consumers, having a splash of color is always a fun addition to the overall electronic experience.

Our devices' colors are also a great way to add a hint of personalization to a mass-produced product to make your device feel more "you."

Apple introduced a freshly re-designed model of their iPad Air 4 in September 2020, bringing it closer to the iPad Pro's functionality, yet at a more cost-efficient option priced at $599.

Moreover, the iPad Air is right in the middle of Apple's iPad offerings when pricing. The iPad Pro comes in at $799, and the iPad Eighth-generation comes in at $329, making the iPad Air 4 a somewhat sensible choice.

Excitingly, one of the most outstanding features of this new iPad Air is its color offering. The iPad Air 4 is covered in an aluminum shell finish with color options of Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue.

You will also notice the iPad Air's all-screen design with a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, increased camera and audio capacity, brand new Touch ID sensor, and the A14 bionic for incredible performance.

This is the first time in iPad history that there are green and blue iPad colors for you to take home. We want to help you decide what the best iPad color selection would be for you, along with that exciting news!

Let's check out the new iPad Air colors!


The Silver iPad Air 4 is perfect for the user that likes tradition. Like the Space Gray (mentioned in the next section), the Silver finish sports Apple's classic, minimal aesthetic.

The silver features a clean, sleek color that is not flashy and will not attract many eyes, allowing you to remain under-the-radar. The silver finish is a nice compromise for those who want a subtle style without the glare seen from bright white finishes.


It will also be challenging for fingerprints and dirt to accumulate on this specific finish—a definite plus!

Space Gray

Space gray is relatively similar to silver. A shade darker, the Space Gray is the closest you will get to a black color for the iPad Air.

The Space Gray is one of Apple products' most popular choices as many other Apple devices, including your MacBook and Mac mini.


Apple has been relying on this classic color across all its devices for years. The extremely professional and 'low-key' shade compliments any personal or work occasion you need to use your iPad Air.

Rose Gold

Now, here's a glitzy, sparkling choice that is sure to get the attention of all fashion and jewelry aficionados!

Previously seen on the iPhones, the specific tone of rose gold used on the iPad Air 4 is light and slightly muted, but a standout nonetheless.

Perfect for those who enjoy standing out and having a sense of uniqueness, the Rose Gold finish is classy and fun at the same time. If you have a Rose Gold iPhone, getting the Rose Gold iPad Air will complete your set!



A first-timer that is sure to gain popularity, the green hue is a perfect choice for users, like standing out and ahead of the curve!

Unlike the iPhone Pro deep forest green, the iPad Air Green is a beautiful, fresh shade that is sure to be a conversation-starter for Apple lovers and the tech-curious alike.

Choose the Green for a refreshing look while making it easy on the eyes to find amongst all your Apple devices.


Sky Blue

Last but not least, we have the second newbie—a stunning, crispy sky blue. It's a very light tone of blue, so it's best for those that can keep the surface relatively clean.


Also, know that your iPads won't be experiencing too much action in the form of wear or tear (unless you're okay with that) because it will be reasonably noticeable on this color!

With the iPad Air 4, everybody has a color option, with its array of classic and new colors. What color will you pick?

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allapplenews-product-iPad Air
iPad Air
Release Date
October 2020


• 64GB / 256GB
• 10.9" Liquid Retina Display
• A14 Bionic Chip with 64-bit architecture
• 12MP, Smart HDR, 7MP FaceTime HD Camera
• Up to 10 Hours Video Playback


Despite being thinner than the iPad and iPad Pro, the iPad Air (2020) is arguably the most advanced iPad on the market. With Apple's latest A14 chip, an edge-to-edge display, and top-notch cameras on both the front and back, the latest iPad Air will not only satisfy your needs, it'll do way more.

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