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4 Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps in 2020

Arthur Yan

| 3 months ago


Part of owning an iPhone is being creative with your customizations, including which iPhone apps you want to download. The best way to customize your iPhone is to set cool backgrounds using wallpaper apps.

Many people use personal photos for their iPhone wallpaper. Still, you can also find dozens of apps out there that provide you with visually stunning images to use.

Here, we’ve rounded up our top four picks for the best iPhone wallpaper apps. With these apps, we’ll make sure you get iPhone wallpaper ideas you will love and represent you.

Vellum Wallpaper


For those with an artistic mind and want beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone, Vellum Wallpaper won’t disappoint. With a variety of stunning images and designs, Vellum Wallpaper combines excellent selection with great quality.


Vellum Wallpaper comes with dozens of wallpapers for you to use right now. Get the app on the App Store and you can download them to your phone.

Vellum is known for its artistry when it comes to designing wallpapers. Whether it’s a beautiful photograph or a minimalist visual design, Vellum will deliver. If you’re looking for a specific style, Vellum packages its wallpapers into categories based on design.

You can also use the Daily Wallpaper feature, which recommends a new Vellum wallpaper every day. If you enjoy switching it up, try this feature out. If you want to test things out, Vellum allows you to preview a wallpaper on your Home and Lock Screen without leaving the app.


Vellum is free on the App Store. However, if you want to get rid of ads and access more Daily Wallpapers, upgrade to the premium version for just $1.99.



When it comes to customization, it’s important to have selection and quality.

Everpix provides both. With thousands of wallpapers in its library, all in 4K, Everpix has something for everyone.


Designed with the iPhone X, XS and 11’s specs in mind, Everpix provides top-notch iPhone wallpapers. All of its images are in 4K, making some of the most stunning wallpapers available on the App Store. Try them out directly through Everpix, too, without needing to exit the app.

In terms of selection, Everpix has got everyone covered with its library of over 4000 wallpapers. Since it has so many wallpapers to choose from, Everpix categorizes them into sections. From Live wallpapers to animals to city views, Everpix ensures that no one’s tastes are left unattended.

Suppose you can’t decide between all your options. In that case, you can add wallpapers to Everpix’s “Favorite” section so you can access wallpapers for later.


Everpix is free on the App Store, but you can pay $2.36 to upgrade to Everpix Pro to get rid of the ads.

Live Wallpaper for Me


Using Live Photos for your wallpapers gives your device a splash of life.

Live Wallpaper for Me was created to provide the best-animated wallpapers for iPhone users everywhere.


Live Wallpaper, for me, has thousands of Live wallpapers. Depending on your preferences, you can find Sports, Nature and even Time-Lapse animations through the app’s various categories. The wallpapers are all in 4K, with new ones added weekly.

Using Live wallpapers is very easy. Just press down on your wallpaper screen to activate your iPhone’s Haptic Touch. By recognizing the force you’re using on the screen, Haptic Touch will activate the Live wallpaper. The animation will play on your screen.


Live Wallpaper for Me is free. However, to remove ads and access all of its 4K, animated wallpapers, you will have to subscribe to its premium version for $6.99 per week.

Magic Screen


As we’ve reiterated a few times in this article, iPhone customization is significant for personalization. And what better way to customize your wallpapers than to create your own!

Magic Screen allows you to generate your wallpapers to use on your device along with its wallpapers.


Magic Screen provides you with several templates to create a personal iPhone wallpaper. It also includes dozens of fonts so you can get creative with the message you want to send. If you like several wallpapers, you can also make a collage of them on Magic Screen!

These templates also allow you to transform your custom wallpaper into a Live Wallpaper. This option makes your wallpapers even more fun and adds another bit of personal taste to your custom wallpaper.

Then, Magic Screen also comes with several of its wallpapers, making it easy for you if you want something simple yet captivating.


Magic Screen is free, but it contains several in-app purchases. You can choose to unlock new packs or remove ads for a price. Or you can unlock everything by making a one-time payment of just $2.99.

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