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5 Best iPhone X & X Max Cases of 2020

Ryan Anand

| 2 months ago


If you invest hundreds of dollars into the latest iPhone with Apple’s new features, like the iPhone X and iPhone X Max, you will want a phone case to protect your device.

Understandably, there are thousands of iPhone X cases on the market. But which ones are the best?

We researched for you and found the five best iPhone X and iPhone X Max cases for you. With an emphasis on “best,” we looked for cases that valued design and overall protectiveness.

To keep your smartphone from breaking, check out our five Best iPhone X and iPhone X Max Cases of 2020.


If you prefer cases that have a low profile but offer maximum protection, Tech21 is your one-stop-shop. They offer a variety of iPhone and Apple accessory cases.



Tech21 offers a range of iPhone X and iPhone X Max cases. With over ten different styles of cases to choose from, there is a case for everyone.

Tech21’s most popular iPhone X case is the super-slim profile, Evo Check. It protects your iPhone from drops up to 12 feet with Tech21 proprietary Flexshock material and extra bumper protection. Evo Check cases come in a variety of colors.


The Evo Check iPhone X retails for $39.95. Meanwhile, other cases from Tech21 start at $29.95 and can go up to $49.95 for their exclusive collaboration cases. Be sure to review all of Tech21’s cases first before making your purchase to make sure you find the style for you!


If you're always on the move and continue using your iPhone, consider getting an OtterBox case. OtterBox does not joke around when it comes to protecting your iPhone X or iPhone X Max.



You can choose from a complete collection of iPhone X cases from their Defender, Commuter, or Symmetry series. They range from solid color cases, cases with pop defenders to collaborations with Disney.

What makes OtterBox unique is that all their cases are constructed in two parts: a polycarbonate shell and a rubber slipcover. You can rest assured, even if you drop your smartphone several times, your iPhone is protected every time.


Prices for OtterBox cases vary. On their official website, their cases start at $39.95.

Otterbox is carried at many big-box retailers like Best Buy, Staples, and even the official Apple store. Having Otterbox available at these big-box retailers means you can most likely get an Otterbox sale from an authorized retailer.


Do you want to stand out and have a case no one else in the world has?


Carved creates iPhone X cases crafted from wood and resin. Since an artisan creates each case in their shop in Elkhart, Indiana, you will get a unique, one-of-a-kind phone case for your device.


Choose from ten different styles of Wood+Resin designs inspired by the earth. Carved iPhone cases double as an iPhone case and a piece of art.

Each case has a protective outer rubber shell that keeps your iPhone X or X Max from breaking when dropped. Moreover, the case is slim-fitting and can slide into your pockets with ease.


A Carved case retails for $70. It may seem like a steep price for a case, but each case is handcrafted and unique. Additionally, Carved offers a one-year manufacturer warranty on their products.

For a handcrafted phone case, the one-year warranty is excellent to ensure your case is in tip-top condition to protect your phone with a minimalist appearance for the outdoors and office meetings.


CASETiFY is well known for its cool collaborations and funky iPhone case designs. But did you know that CASETiFY also has a line of compostable cases?

CASETiFY compostable iPhone cases are made out of bamboo material, cornstarch, and pellet material. Invest in a phone case that helps your device and the earth.



CASETiFy's compostable iPhone X cases have two options: the "CASETiFY CONSCiOUS collection" or "Custom Compostable." Choose from six different colors, fonts, and text layouts to create your custom biodegradable case or three unique CONSCiOUS designs.

As well, the case is drop-proof up to 4-feet and has an all-around bumper to bumper protection. Now you can protect your iPhone X and the environment at the same time.


CASETiFY's compostable case ranges from $45 to $50. They also offer free shipping in the US and Canada. They also carry compostable AirPod cases that match your iPhone X case.

Ensure you review CASETiFY’s entire collection before making your purchase to see all the colors and patterns they offer!


You can't go wrong with any iPhone cases from Apple. Apple iPhone cases are specifically designed for the iPhone X and iPhone X Max, which means the case will fit perfectly, and you won't miss out on any functionalities.



Apple offers four different types of iPhone X and X Max cases: Silicone, Leather, Leather Folio, and Smart Battery. Each Apple iPhone case offers something different in addition to protecting your iPhone X.

Depending on which case you choose, you should know that the Silicone case is soft to touch, while the leather case feels luxurious. If you're looking to fit extra cards or some cash, the Leather Folio case is perfect for you.

If you continuously use your device and won't be near a charging port, get the Smart Battery case. It provides an extra 21-33 hours of battery life.


Apple’s Silicone cases retail for $39, and Leather cases retail for $49. Meanwhile, the Leather Folio retails for $99, and the Smart Battery case is $129.

Depending on how often you use your phone, you may want the Smart Battery case. If you don’t use your smartphone too excessively, the Silicone, Leather, and Leather Folio cases will protect your device without a hassle.

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