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MacBook Pro Keyboard Shortcuts: How to Copy & Paste

Alex Moore

| 2 months ago


When you are busy working on a document for work, school, or your personal projects, you want to save as much time as possible.

For your MacBook Pro, there are common commands to learn and other need-to-know commands that accelerates your tasks and showcases your keyboard skills.

Before we begin, if you notice your MacBook Pro is loading pages slower or taking more time to open an application for you, try learning how to clear the cache to speed things up.

Continue reading to learn basic and additional keyboard shortcuts for all MacBook users!

Common Commands to Learn:

The commands everyone knows and uses to optimize their daily tasks include the following:

Action Command and Description
Cut It Cut the selected item and copy it to the clipboard when you press Command-X.
Copy It Copy selected items to the Clipboard when you press Command-C.
Paste It Paste the contents you copied in your Clipboard to where your cursor is when you press Command-V.
Undo It Undo the previous command, whether you cut, copied, or pasted a word, undo it by pressing Command-Z together.
Redo It Redo what you undid by reversing the commands when you press Shift-Command-Z.
Select It All If you want to copy everything on your page, select all the texts and images on the page by pressing Command-A.
Find It Find items, files, and words faster when you press Command-F to open a Find window.
Find It (Again) Find your item again when you press Command-G.
Find It (Previous Occurrence) If you want to find the previous occurrence of the item, press Shift-Command-G.
Hide the Windows Hide your windows in your app by pressing Command-H.
Hide Apps, View Frontest App If you want to view the frontest app and want to hide the others, press Option-Command-H to isolate your chosen window.
Minimize the Window Minimize windows speedily when you press Command-M.
Minimize All Windows If you want to minimize all your windows, press Option-Command-M.
Open It Open the selected item faster by pressing Command-O. This shortcut will also save you time double-clicking the files.
Print It Print your document as soon as possible or save a paperless PDF version when you press Command-P in your browser or window.
Save It Avoid losing your work while you’re busy typing and editing your document by pressing Command-S.

Other Commands to Know:

Other commands you may want to know, to either show off your keyboard skills or simply save time using your mouse to find what you need, are as follows:

Action Command and Description
Cancel and Escape Cancel your previous command by pressing esc. Whether you cut, copied, or pasted a word or image, escape brings you back to the home screen.
Close Active Window(s) Close active windows with Command-W.
Close All Active Window(s) To close all your active windows in an app, press Option-Command-W to watch them all disappear.
Go Full Screen If it is supported by the app, you can skip the clicking and go full screen right away with Control-Command-F.
Go To Sleep Keep your windows and apps in place when you put your Mac to sleep when you press Option-Command-Media Eject.
Go To Sleep (Screen-only) If you want to only put your display to sleep, press Control-Shift-Media Eject.
Lock Your Screen Keep your device secured from people peeping nearby by pressing Control-Command-Q to lock your display screen.
Log Out of macOS Account When you’re on the run and need to log out of your macOS account right away, press Shift-Command-Q.
Log Out of macOS Account (Without Confirming) If you want to save even more time to log out immediately without confirming, press Option-Shift-Command-Q.
Open New Tab Simply put, if you want to open a new tab faster without searching for the “Open New Tab” button on your screen, press Command-T.
Preview Item When you press the spacebar on your keyboard for a selected item, you enable Quick Look to help you preview the item before opening it.
Search Preferences Open application’s Preferences quickly with Command-Comma (,) rather than searching for and scrolling through the Menu bars.
Show or Hide Spotlight Search Field Show or hide your Spotlight search field by pressing Command-Space bar. The same button combination looks for Spotlight search from the Finder window.
Switch Apps Save time using your mouse to switch between apps and windows on your screen when you press Command-Tab.

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