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How to Use Multitasking on iPad Pro

| 2 months ago


One of the iPad Pro’s best features is its multitasking capabilities. You can answer emails while drawing or adjust music while playing games.

The iPad Pro’s A12Z chip is one of the most advanced processing chips in any tablet device. Apple’s most advanced tablet can even possibly replace a traditional laptop!

Maximize your workspace! Keep reading to learn how to use Multitasking on your iPad Pro!

To Use Multitasking on Your iPad Pro:


The iPad Pro has two types of multitasking features available: Split Screen and Slide Over.

The former splits the screen into two with both apps on either side of the screen. The latter opens a small window with the new app on top of the current app’s screen.

To Use Split Screen:

  1. Open an app. It can be any app.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal the Dock.
  3. Tap and hold an app from the Dock.
  4. Drag it to the right or left edge of the iPad Pro screen.
  5. The screen will split into two with a display of each app on either side of a black divider.
  6. Press and drag the divider to adjust the screen size of each app.

To Use Slide Over:

  1. Open an app. Again, this can be any app you use.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal the Dock.
  3. Tap and hold an app from the Dock.
  4. Drag it onto the screen, but avoid the edges so you don’t accidentally do Split Screen.
  5. A small window of the second app will overlap your current app’s screen so you can multitask.

Try This:

You can also use Slide Over in Split Screen! Follow the To use Slide Over steps while in Split Screen mode, but drag the app to the top of the divider instead.

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iPad Pro
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March 2016


• 128GB / 256GB / 512GB
• 11" / 12.9" LED-Backlit Multi‑Touch Display
• A12Z Bionic Chip with 64-Bit Architecture
• 12MP Wide, 10MP Ultra Wide & LiDAR Scanner Camera
• Up to 10 Hours Video Playback


The iPad is already beloved for its amazing functionality, but what happens when you upgrade it all? You get the iPad Pro. With an A12Z chip, a dual-camera system, and excellent battery life, the iPad Pro promises excellence. The latest version also comes with a LiDAR scanner, designed to optimize AR features. You can also use the latest, most advanced Apple accessories with the iPad Pro.

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