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How to Reset Apple ID and iCloud Password

Arthur Yan

| 24 days ago


Your Apple ID is the magic key that lets you seamlessly use your iPhone, iCloud and any Apple device. It enables you to access all Apple products and services without the hassle of synchronizing your data every time you use a new device.

Apple ID also stores all your personal and payment information. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to change your iCloud password often and make it challenging for hackers to decipher your password to protect your account.

Suppose you happen to forget your password, you can simply reset your Apple ID without having to create a new Apple ID. Don’t worry; we will guide you to reset and update your Apple ID and iCloud password if you forget your password.

If you haven’t created your Apple ID yet, we can guide you through the process of creating a new account, too, on any device of your choosing.

Keep reading to find out how!

How to Change Your Apple ID to a Different Email


Suppose you no longer use the email address you first included in your Apple ID set up. Instead of closing your Apple ID account and losing all your data and preferences, learn how to change your Apple ID instead.

Here are the quick and simple steps you can take to change your Apple ID.

  1. Visit and sign in to
  2. Find the “Account” section, and click “Edit.”
  3. Click on “Change Apple ID” to modify your Apple ID information.
  4. Type the new email address you want to use in association with your Apple ID account.
  5. Press “Continue” when you are finished.
Good To Know:

If you changed your email address to a third-party email, be sure to check that email address for a verification code. Type in the code when signing in after updating your email address.

How to Reset and Update Apple ID and iCloud Password


Changing your Apple ID and iCloud password often is a healthy habit of getting used to. It ensures your account won’t be compromised and hackers can’t get your private data. You can simply update and reset your Apple ID password with four simple steps.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  1. Tap Settings > Your Account/Name > Password & Security.
  2. Tap the “Change Password” tab.
  3. Enter your current password or device passcode, then enter a new password and confirm the new password.
  4. Tap “Change” or “Change Password” to update your password.

On your Mac with macOS Catalina:

  1. At the top of your screen, click the Apple menu > System Preferences > Apple ID.
  2. Click the “Password & Security” tab.
  3. Choose “Change Password” to update your account password.
  4. You'll be required to enter the security password used to unlock your Mac device.

When you change your Apple ID password, your iCloud mail sign in will change too. You will have to re-enter your new password. 

How to Reset Forgotten Apple ID and iCloud Password


If you want to download a new app on your device, you usually have to verify your Apple ID if your Face ID isn’t set up. If you’ve forgotten your password, here are four simple steps to reset your Apple ID and password.

  1. In a browser, go to the Apple ID account page and click ‘Forgot Apple ID or password.”
  2. Enter your Apple ID and choose an option to reset your password. Click “Continue” to show further instructions and prompts.
  3. Choose from three options to reset your Apple ID and iCloud password:
    • Select “Answer security questions” and follow the instructions. This option is excellent if your account was initially set up with security questions.
    • Select “Get an email” to get a password reset email sent to your primary email address.
    • Select “Recovery Key” if you can complete two-factor authentication instead.
Good To Know:

If you create a new Apple ID, you will lose all photos, data and preferences saved on your old iCloud account.

How to Create New Apple ID and iCloud Password


Using your new Mac, iPod touch, Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone device requires you to sign in with an Apple ID. If you haven’t created one yet, we’ll guide you through. It’s simple and quick to create a new Apple ID and iCloud password.

You can create a new Apple ID and iCloud password in four ways: on a new device, the App Store, your computer (Mac or Windows PC), or another device that gives you access to the internet.

For each setup method, you need to follow the steps on your screen before you can move forward to the next step. Take your time to fill out the details! Depending on the device you are creating your new Apple ID on, you will take different steps to arrive on the setup page.

  • New device: You can set up your new Apple ID when your device prompts you to do so. Enter your birthday, name, country to match your billing method and email address or create a new and free iCloud email address.
  • Computer and other devices: Visit the Apple ID website and click “Create your Apple ID” to get started.
  • Apple TV: You may be prompted to visit to set up the Apple TV app for your television.
  • Windows PC: Check that you have the most updated version of iTunes to create your new Apple ID. Go to Account > Sign In > Create new Apple ID to get started.

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