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How to Screen Record On iPhone SE

Turner Ngo

| 2 months ago


Have you been trying to find the Screen Record button on iPhone SE and still have not found it yet?

Sharpen your iPhone skills and step up your Instagram stories game by learning how to screen record on iPhone SE like a pro.

To Screen Record on Your iPhone SE:

Add Screen Recording to Control Center (for Quick Access!):

  1. Open Settings > Control Center > Customize.
  2. Access “Screen Recording” in the Control Center by swiping down from the top of the iPhone SE.


Get quick access to your favorite apps in your Control Center when you customize and reorganize your list in Settings.

Start Screen Recording (With Sound):

  1. Swipe down to access the Control Center to find the Screen Recording button.
    1. To screen record with your voice, hold down the screen recording button.
  2. Click “Microphone On” to record your voice or any other audio you want to include in the recording.

Start Screen Recording (Without Sound):

  1. Swipe down to access the Control Center to find the “Screen Recording” button.
  2. Press the “Screen Recording” button to start recording.

Stop recording:

  • Swipe down Control Center to press on the screen recorder again.
  • Or press on the redRecording bar” at the top left corner on the screen and press “Stop”.

Access Screen Recording:

  • View the file by pressing on the pop-up notification.
  • To see all screen recording files, check the Photos App.

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iPhone SE
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• 12MP Wide Camera
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• 13 Hours Video Playback
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The iPhone SE is the perfect upgrade phone. You get the processing core of the iPhone 11 while keeping the familiar body of the iPhone 8 for an inexpensive price. Able to process high-quality graphics with its A13 chip, the iPhone SE offers speed, a great camera and cool visuals in a compact body.

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