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What is the iPad Air?

Ryan Anand

| 2 months ago


With a few different models of the iPad, it can be tough to differentiate between them. So what exactly is the iPad Air? How is it different from the regular iPad?

The iPad Air is a more compact and powerful version of the iPad. The length and width of both devices are identical, but the iPad Air is almost an inch-and-a-half thinner. Hence, it weighs less than the iPad Air too.

Despite its thinner body, the iPad Air actually has a larger screen. With a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, not only is the screen larger, but it’s also edge-to-edge. The iPad has a 10.2-inch Retina display. 

The iPad Air has bigger storage options too. You can get up to 256GB on your iPad Air. With the iPad, the maximum storage capacity is 128GB. In terms of color options, the iPad has three: Silver, Space Grey, and Gold. Meanwhile, the iPad Air offers Silver, Space Grey, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue.

In terms of processing power, the iPad Air runs on an A14 chip, the latest and most powerful chip available. The iPad, on the other hand, runs on the A12 chip, used on the iPad Air’s previous generation.

These are the primary differences between the iPad Air and the iPad. Although it may seem like a shortlist, the A14 chip brings a host of improvements. The iPad Air runs faster, can run console graphics, perform high-level 4K video editing and more. However, both have the Neural Engine which enables both devices to perform machine learning tasks.

In short, the iPad Air is a more compact but more powerful version of the iPad. It can do everything the iPad can do and more. Then, with its smaller frame, the iPad Air is also more portable and easier to carry around.

If you want a better iPad experience, upgrade to the iPad Air.

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allapplenews-product-iPad Air
iPad Air
Release Date
October 2020


• 64GB / 256GB
• 10.9" Liquid Retina Display
• A14 Bionic Chip with 64-bit architecture
• 12MP, Smart HDR, 7MP FaceTime HD Camera
• Up to 10 Hours Video Playback


Despite being thinner than the iPad and iPad Pro, the iPad Air (2020) is arguably the most advanced iPad on the market. With Apple's latest A14 chip, an edge-to-edge display, and top-notch cameras on both the front and back, the latest iPad Air will not only satisfy your needs, it'll do way more.

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