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AirPods Future Upgrade Could Improve iPhone Battery Life

Ryan Anand

| 3 months ago


DigiTimes shared a new report concerning Apple's supply chain that affects the upcoming AirPods and AirPods Pro launch in 2021. The report announced:

"Apple is scheduled to roll out its third-generation AirPods series earbuds in the first half of 2021 followed by the launch of a new-generation AirPods Pro in the second half of next year, with related assemblers gearing up for production at their plants in Vietnam."

Unsplash / radovan @radovan_be

Another DigiTimes report mentioned the new AirPods technology could enhance iPhone battery life. MacRumors shared that

"Apple has incorporated the SiP+FPCB solution into its new AirPods series, and may apply the solution to battery modules for 5G iPhones partly because SiP can integrate multiple functions and allow more space for more components, the sources said, adding that SiP+FPCB can now rival well the rigid-flex board solution in terms of price-performance ratios due to successful cost control by Apple."

The new AirPods technology fuses system-in-package and "flexible printed circuit boards" that will aid in maximizing the space in iPhones for a larger battery pack.

Until Apple officially makes an announcement about the exact release dates for the AirPods and AirPods Pro, Apple fans can expect new exciting releases in 2021.

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