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Apple AirTags: The Original Plan And AR Gaming And Medical Compatibilities

Jessica Lee

| 2 months ago


Last week, Apple leaker and tech analyst Jon Prosser shared his prediction that Apple's rumored wireless Bluetooth tracking device, AirTags, will be near completion by November 6.

Prosser also shared earlier the concept design for the AirTags. Other rumors to consider include the reliable leaker's @L0vetodream prediction that the AirTags will come in two sizes.

Besides these details, recent discussions about the AirTags unveils more capabilities beyond tracking your personal belongings and other Apple devices.

Before we dive into these details, let's take a look at the patent application for the AirTags to see Apple's full plan for the Bluetooth tracking accessory.

AirTags: The Original Plan

The latest patent application for the AirTags reveals "a master patent [which] is when Apple reveals a grand overview of a coming product line." The AirTags is speculated to help track movement besides locating your purse, backpack, or keys.

The AirTags concept would rely on smartphone users. Utilizing wireless signals, the AirTags can be detected by smartphones close by to send information to the iPhone.

For instance, AirTags could serve as a map to indicate the "distance, position, location, and/or orientation determinations with a high degree of accuracy."


The patent also hints about the AirTags' durability. The AirTags could be waterproof or splash-proof and can endure drops, similar to the new iPhone 12 and the improved drop-fall durability.

Like Apple's other devices and systems, the AirTags could have more than one mode to function in.

Besides the 'normal' mode to determine the location of items and devices, it may have a 'lost' mode. Lost mode could be triggered by "an unexpected loss of communication between the tag and one or more other devices," such as the user's iPhone.

AR/VR Gaming and Medical Compatibilities

Amongst Apple fans and leakers, the AirTags is predicted to have other functions beyond locating your devices. With the AirTag's technology of indicating the location of an item, it could be integrated into Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games.

When playing with AR and VR simulations, the player's movements need to be detected to fully immerse the user into the augmented or virtual world. The current AR and VR technology requires several somewhat-heavy headgears and hand devices to complete the experience.


With the AirTags' technology, it could serve as a location indicator to share information about the user's hands, elbows, feet, shoulders, and any other part of the body. Given that the AirTags would be wireless, the AirTags would be an improved option as opposed to the traditional wired AR and VR equipment.

Another function the AirTags is rumored to support is tracking one's body movements for medical purposes.

Specifically for physical therapy that requires repetitive exercises, healthcare practitioners could use the AirTags to wirelessly track their patient's movements without the hassle of sticking multiple tangled wires onto them.

Until the details are confirmed in an official Apple press release, these details about the AirTags patent and other rumors remain unconfirmed.

Products Covered

Release Date
Fall 2020


• AR Balloons
• Lost Mode
• Safe Location


A brand-new Apple product, the Apple AirTags are tracking devices to keep your items in order. Attach them to any of your devices (or personal items), and you'll be able to track them from your Find My app as if they were Apple devices themselves. And, in case you lose your item, you'll have a variety of tools to help you relocate it. Expecting a release in Fall 2020, the AirTags will be useful for keeping your devices secure.

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