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Apple Arcade's The Last Campfire Brings Hope During COVID-19 Pandemic

Jessica Lee

| 3 months ago


Since Thursday, August 27, Apple Arcade added Hello Games' new mystical game, The Last Campfire, for iOS users.

Perfect for everyone staying at home during the pandemic, the addition of The Last Campfire gives players of all ages a new world to immerse themselves into.

The Last Campfire takes users on an immersive adventure to explore another world to meet mysterious creatures.

Follow the protagonist, Ember, to find the "lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home." Throughout the journey, Ember encounters lost creatures who are also searching for a sense of belonging.

The central task for the game is to "find hope and carry it [to The Forlorn] ... to light The Last Campfire."

Take a look at The Last Campfire launch trailer below:

Regardless of playing the game in normal or explore mode, users must solve various puzzles and discover uncharted areas to help Ember restore balance to this ambient world.

Get access to The Last Campfire through the Apple Arcade subscription.

With only $4.99 a month, Apple Arcade users can play more than 130 exclusive games on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

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