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Apple Challenges Users to #makeitmini on TikTok

| 26 days ago


Apple has turned to TikTok for its latest marketing campaign.

The Cupertino tech giant has been commissioning promotional videos for the iPhone 12 mini from influencers on the video-sharing network.

The Tok of the Town

  • "Have you seen this TikTok?"
  • "You're not on TikTok?"
  • "Do you have TikTok?"

These questions are probably among some common phrases you've heard or been asked this year.

TikTok, the video-sharing social networking site, has taken off this year, particularly with everyone having to quarantine due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

TikTok videos come in a wide variety of genres, from dance videos to educational videos. The videos can only be between 3-60 seconds long, contributing t the app's popularity amongst Gen Z and Millennials.

Apple Takes a Byte of TikTok

It's no surprise that Apple has also made a profile on TikTok. Just six months old, Apple's TikTok profile has an impressive follower count of 377.3k and has amassed 352.1k likes!

Apple's profile has only four videos currently posted highlighting the iPhone 12 mini, and in the bio, it reads,

iPhone 12 mini is here. Join the challenge and #makeitmini.

The videos feature TikTok influencers and celebrities Zach King (@zachking), Kevin B. Parry (@kevinbparry), Julian Bass (@thejulianbass), and Jessica Wang (@jessicawanofficial).

Using the upbeat sound "Woo" by Wande, each video has the influencers tapping household items into their miniature versions and ends with them tapping the iPhone 12 into the iPhone 12 mini.

The videos are unique to each influencer's TikTok personality. For example, Zach King, who is famous for his illusions, is seen tapping things almost like a slice of hand magic!

Apple Challenges TikTok Users to #makeitmini

TikTok transition challenges are always amongst the top trends on the app as creators and influencers love to play around with objects or fashion items.

With its #makeitmini challenge, Apple aims to get the hashtag trending so more users can hop on the trend!


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