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Apple Files Patent To Clean Up The Radio Experience

Nadia Ali

| 18 days ago

Source: Apple

Apple is currently developing a system to filter terrestrial and internet radio stations through metadata and/or location, leading many to believe they are designing hardware for AM/FM radio.

What We Know So Far

The patent entitled "Radio station provider management systems and methods," describes how searching through hundreds or thousands of radio stations, which often includes duplicates, can be a frustrating and tiring experience for the user.

In response to this dilemma, Apple illustrates an alternative that provides a more efficient way to search and remove duplicates from multiple station providers and based on the preferences of the user, location, and playback rights.

The content of the patent is fairly broad, leaving space for all the different devices that have the capacity to receive radio broadcasts in multiple ways—some of those including AM, FM, internet, and satellite.

The patent also takes into account how streaming services have the option of contracting with internet providers to permit terrestrial radio station playback through an internet connection.

The Solution


So, what is the solution here?

Apple aims to provide a radio station directory that is easily searchable, removes duplicate stations, and filters the user's options based on metadata.

They also want to filter out the playback availability for specific stations due to geographical location, contractual obligations, and other such limitations.

For instance, an American-based radio provider probably won't have the broadcast rights to stream in Mexico. So, the directory could efficiently remove that station for Mexican users.

Moreover, geographically, the system could filter out radio stations for users that are out of a certain mile radius of any given area.

There is potential for this system to be compatible with many Apple devices such as iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, and HomePod, as some of the images in the patent resembled these products.

All in all, Apple is known to file multiple patents every week. We will have to wait and see if this goes through. To read more details on this system, be sure to check out the patent listed above!

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