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Apple Files Patent To Possibly Use Fluid-Filled Lenses In VR

Nadia Ali

| 20 days ago


Bad eyesight? Apple says that's no problem!

Apple may release a Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) headset in the future that will have the ability to automatically adjust the user's lens through the use of fluids. The fluids will change the shape of the lens, thus improving the user's eyesight.

Moreover, the whole point of a VR or AR game is for the user to be able to view all the content clearly. It is the literal foundation and medium of the product.

Conventionally, the display is very close to the user's eyes, sometimes causing it to be hard to focus for long periods of time.

The Patent & Technology

To successfully do this, VR headset producers place optical lenses between the eyes and screen, altering the perceived focal distance for each unique user, with the result of a more comfortable visual.

Within their patent, entitled "Electronic device with a tunable lens," Apple explores the concept of using fluid and pressure to adopt a more flexible lens efficiently and with minimal effort from the user. It could be a solution for troubles that arise with lens selection and switching.

A central fluid container could be inflated and deflated by an attached pump and reservoir system. Having fluid in the container increases its volume and makes them flex. This action changes their optical capacities, which ultimately means it changes what the user can see.

The Bottom Line

The concept of fluid usage to adjust lenses has been used in the past in other technologies outside of Apple, such as charities.

For a full breakdown of the science behind the fluid-adjusting lenses, be sure to read the full patent.

Whether you think it's interesting or unnecessary, Apple is definitely climbing to new heights with this technology. AR and VR may have just got a lot more interesting—even though it's just a patent filing right now!

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