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Apple Patents 'Light Recycling' Technology For Display Efficiency

Nadia Ali

| 1 month ago


Apple is going even more futuristic!

Apple displays, such as the technology used in the well known Apple Glasses, is developing a method to take wasted light energy and produce crisper screens while simultaneously conserving battery life and power.

Continue reading to learn how Apple's 'light recycling' technology affects you.

What Is Apple's 'Light Recycling' Tech?

Objects such as the traditional iPhone screen displays and bulbs beam light in far more wavelengths and directions than perceived or utilized by a user.

In literal terms, Apple aims to explore how to harness the unused (and unseen) energy to save power.

This begged the question: What could be created if that surplus energy was extracted and be put into better use via 'light recycling' instead of allowing it to go to waste?

The answer is a unique screen display used on Apple products that could function as just that, a light recycler.

The Patent


A recent patent application made by Apple titled "Electronic Device Having Emissive Display With Light Recycling" reveals the efficiency a screen like this has the potential to have.

The goal is to have it on all possible Apple devices from phones to watches and to have capabilities to work with all types of materials like wood, ceramic, fabrics, and much more.

The Technology

What exactly does an "emissive display" mean?

Emissive displays are what Apple describes as needing "light-blocking structures" or "crosstalk prevention structures," which are the technologies that allow the screens to remain visually sharp.

In simpler terms, when a display screen lacks these technologies, the overall quality and contrast are reduced.

Moreover, when "light-blocking structures" are used, a specific amount of light energy being emitted is blocked.

Apple aims to explore how the energy can be reused to allow higher quality display for the user, with less overall energy usage.

Be sure to check out the patent above for more information!

Products Covered

allapplenews-product-Apple Glasses
Apple Glasses
Release Date
Spring 2021


• Eye-tracking Unit
• A12 Bionic Chip
• AR and VR Compatible


The Apple Glasses have been tumbling through the rumor mill for years. But now, there is news of a release. The glasses, which are AR devices designed to project virtual images in front of your eyes, have been in production for several years. With AR becoming a bigger part of Apple's lineups, the Apple Glasses could be releasing soon.

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