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Apple HomePod mini Makes Big Trouble for Owners

| 27 days ago


Following the iPhone 12 series, Apple's latest product launches included the affordable new smart speaker, the HomePod mini. Smaller than the original HomePod speaker, the HomePod mini took consumers and competitors by storm for its promising sleek design and audio capability features.

The HomePod mini is different from its predecessor. The mini has the ability to synchronize with other nearby HomePod minis and can act as a speaker and intercom to chat with your friends and family in the same household. The HomePod mini also receives and relays verbal updates about your iPhone from Siri.

However, since its launch, some HomePod mini owners are growing frustrated with the device as they've begun to notice some Wi-Fi connectivity issues with Apple's latest smart speaker.

Adding to the frustration is that a permanent fix is currently unavailable.

Nobody's Perfect: HomePod mini Troubles Owners

The HomePod mini was released earlier this month, and already some buyers have. Some reported that they have trouble getting the smart speaker to stay connected to their internet servers.

The connectivity problems were highlighted in an Apple support forum by users in saying,

I am having issues with HomePod mini not connecting to the internet. My other HomePods have no issue when I ask a question etc. But when I ask one or both of the HomePod mini's it says [that] I am having trouble connecting to the internet. I followed the troubleshooting steps apple provides but it goes back to "I am having trouble connecting to the internet." After a couple of hours. Then it is normal again. If anyone has a solution or has also experienced this issue?

Trouble Connecting HomePod mini

The main concern seems to be that the HomePod mini has trouble picking up on voice commands. The troubleshooting guide instructs owners to reboot or restore their HomePod's but the fix is seemingly temporary as it tends to resort back to its faultiness.

This can become an annoyance when you have to do a full reset of your HomePod mini when all you really want to do is listen to your audio, free of disruptions.

Some trusted reviewers have even resorted to deeming the smart speaker "useless" as it cannot carry out its basic orders.

It is curious to know what Apple has to say about this matter. The tech giant has not commented on whether a permanent fix is on its way.

Stay tuned for more HomePod mini and general Apple updates right here on All Apple News.

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HomePod mini
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October 2020


• 172 mm high (6.8")
• 142 mm wide (5.6")
• Siri Voice Control
• Wireless Connectivity


Redesigning the HomePod entirely, the HomePod mini is the compact version of Apple's smart speaker. It is capable of doing everything from playing crisp audio to controlling your home accessories. With enhanced Siri compatibility, the HomePod mini will make your life easier at home.

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