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Apple HomePod mini, the Latest from the Tech Giant

| 1 month ago


Are you in the market for a new smart speaker? Then look no further than the new Apple HomePod mini.

The new HomePod mini was released today in-store and online. But, what are the benefits of the HomePod mini?

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Benefits of HomePod mini

As Apple's newest smart speaker, the HomePod mini delivers in a good-looking mesh design. Get it in Space Gray or White; the HomePod mini also sports an impressive sound design.

Compared to the HomePod, the HomePod mini sits under 8.5 centimeters tall, making it ideal enough to store just about anywhere in your home!

The sound design leads with a 360-degree audio feature so you can get that "consistent sound, no matter where you are in the room."

With the Apple S5 chip enabling computational audio paired with noise cancelation technology, the HomePod mini promises clear volume and balanced sound to enhance your listening experience.


As the latest smart-speaker from one of the major tech giants, the HomePod mini is set apart from its competitors in many ways. Priced at $99, Apple has pushed the mini into the more affordable bracket of smart-speakers.

The Handoff feature is a significant selling point of the HomePod mini in how you can seamlessly transfer sound from your iPhone to your HomePod mini by merely hovering your iPhone above the speaker.

Lastly, if you're really in the mood to have a bumping atmosphere, pair your HomePod mini with a second HomePod mini for the ultimate surround-sound experience.

Products Covered

allapplenews-product-HomePod mini
HomePod mini
Release Date
October 2020


• 172 mm high (6.8")
• 142 mm wide (5.6")
• Siri Voice Control
• Wireless Connectivity


Redesigning the HomePod entirely, the HomePod mini is the compact version of Apple's smart speaker. It is capable of doing everything from playing crisp audio to controlling your home accessories. With enhanced Siri compatibility, the HomePod mini will make your life easier at home.

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