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Apple May Source from Samsung for 2022 iPhone Camera

| 14 days ago


Rumors of 2022 iPhones with periscope lens continue to persist after multiple sources engage in and comment on the on-going discussion.

According to unnamed sources cited by the Korean website, The Elec, Apple may have some interesting tricks up their sleeve about how to go on making 2022 iPhones with periscope lenses.

Apple to Source Lens Components from Samsung

Rumour has it that Apple may use Samsung's components for its folded zoom camera for some iPhone models in 2022.

The report claims that Samsung Electro-Mechanics will supply components such as actuators and lens to LG, a long-time supplier of camera modules to Cupertino, California (Apple Headquarters).

LG will then use these components to ultimately make the folded zoom camera module, supplying it to Apple.

Sourcing through LG will maintain Apple's standing relationship with the high-end camera module and component supplier.

Telephoto Camera Could Allow Up To 10x Zoom

A folded zoom camera is a type of telephoto camera where the light absorbed by the image sensor is bent or "folded," allowing the camera to become thinner.

This would improve optical zoom by up to 10 times and significantly minimize blurriness for better image quality.

The potential of a folded "periscope" lens for iPhones in 2022 was first mentioned in March of this year by analyst Min-Chi Kuo.

The technology would allow for an optic reach way beyond the current 2x and 2.5x limit on the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple Trailing Behind Competitors

Apple competitors Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo, have already applied this technology to their current smartphones.

Samsung also provided the folded zoom module for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Apple is yet to apply this technology and is gearing up to do so come 2022 through 2023.

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