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'Apple One' Subscription Bundles Arriving Fall 2020

Ryan Anand

| 7 days ago


If you thought Apple ran out of updates and upgrades for us, wait till you hear about the upcoming subscription bundles called 'Apple One'.

According to Bloomberg, Apple One will include a bundle of subscriptions for Apple TV+, News+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and additional iCloud storage. The subscription bundle is rumored to have various subscription tiers available for each service.

The basic tier may include a combination of Apple TV+ and Apple Music to give everyone access to their favorite shows, movies, songs, and podcasts.

The next tier will give Apple fans access to Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and more iCloud storage to elevate their entertainment experience, stay connected to current events, and save digital space to Macs and other Apple devices by saving to iCloud.

Unsplash / Daniel Korpai @danielkorpai

In addition, Apple fans can look forward to "a Pelton-esque virtual fitness subscription for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It'll possibly be included with a higher-tier bundle and is codenamed "Seymour," according to Gizmodo.

The anticipated subscription bundles are expected to be compatible with the Family Sharing system to give up to six people or family members to share the subscriptions.

The bundles are expected to start between $2 to $5 a month.

Bloomberg shared that Apple may add deals where Apple fans can purchase an Apple TV and receive one year of free access to Apple Arcade.

Until Apple officially announces the release of 'Apple One,' stay tuned for more details.

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