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Apple Publishes 20-Page Safety & Data Privacy Guide

Nadia Ali

| 3 days ago


Apple has published a detailed 20—page safety guide entitled "Device and Data Access When Personal Safety is at Risk." This guide covers how users can check if others are accessing their data or services.

They also provide steps on how this can be prevented and also how to lock others out of your data if needed. Moreover, each security option you have available to you is thoroughly explained, along with how to use them, and in what cases.

Championing Privacy

Lately, Apple has been strongly promoting privacy measures through its features like the App Store "nutrition labels," with this comprehensive guide now informing users on how their data has the potential to be misused.

As stated within the guide, Apple aims to walk users through the proper precautions to take to help make their technology users have come to heavily rely on to be as secure as each individual wants it to be—the clear goal here is peace of mind for every unique situation.

It informs users to update their devices to the latest iOS version, restore the device to factory settings, protect the device with techniques such as a passcode, passwords, Touch ID, and Face ID for optimal security.

Moreover, it walks you through the steps to protect your Apple ID by enabling two-factor authentication and describes how to utilize the built-in privacy tools to prevent applications from accessing data without your awareness.

Eva Galperin, the Director of Cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), has shown her support and appreciation for the publication of a guide of this nature.

She states how it could specifically help domestic abuse survivors, given that sometimes the people we trust at a certain moment do not always stay that way, and in time may try to retaliate or cause hurt in the future.

"Couples break up, marriages end, roommates move out... If you make a product that allows you to share your data with other people, you should also make it simple to lock them out."

The easy-to-read guide has accessible language that is comprehensive for all users and goes into depth about scenarios that specific privacy settings could potentially apply in. It then provides the exact steps to take in terms of Settings and navigation, to employ those measures.

The guide has sections and checklists on general privacy settings, and then goes into detail on several issues like location tracking, shared calendars, iCloud, Apple Watch health data, etc. It also covers how you can delete third-party apps and unknown configuration profiles that have the possibility of being used for tracking purposes.

The guide is currently available on Apple's support site but is yet to be officially announced or promoted by the company. Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering has said that Apple's recent increased interest in user privacy, such as with the privacy labels, is part of a bigger, more ambitious plan for the company.

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The iOS 14 released with a variety of new features, including new widget design, a new built-in translate app, sleep tracking in Health App and more. These are designed to make your iOS experience cleaner yet cooler with its upgrades. iOS 14 truly separates the old-generation of iPhones from the new.

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