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Apple's AirPods Max Soon To Release Replacement Ear Cushions

Nadia Ali

| 12 days ago


Apple just released its new AirPods Max over-ear headphones on Tuesday, December 8, costing $549. The AirPods Max Apple's first headphones were added to its AirPods collection.

Within 24 hours, discussion about more AirPods Max customization arose when Apple launched its replaceable ear cushions page that will be coming soon.

Replaceable Ear Cushions

The headphones have an innovative feature of magnetically attachable Ear Cushions, a detail that has the possibility to get worn out, depending on how much usage and wear and tear it will naturally endure as time goes on.

To combat this inevitable occurrence, Apple is gearing up to release replacement Ear Cushion sets, which will soon be available for purchase at $69 on the Apple Online Store.


With an array of fun colors, customers will have the opportunity to mix and match as often as they desire. The current colors featured on the Online Store are Silver, Space Gray, Green, Sky Blue, and Pink.

Moreover, additional color combinations will probably be rolled out in the future.

Design Features

As mentioned previously, the AirPods Max headphones were made available for purchase on December 8, with some colors already estimated to be delivered in 2021 due to high demand.

Apple's first headphones' design consists of a meshed canopy headband, stainless steel frame, and cushioned ear cups structured from memory foam for long-lasting wear.

The innovative accessory was designed to distribute weight on the head equally and equally reduce the pressure felt from many conventional over-ear headphones.

As seen in the Apple Watch, the AirPods Max features a Digital Crown for volume control, audio playback, receiving or ending phone calls, and Siri activation.

Currently, the individual ear cushions are listed as "Coming Soon" on the website, with no specified release date. However, they are sure to become a hot commodity among customers once they are made available.

Products Covered

allapplenews-product-AirPods Max
AirPods Max
Release Date
December 2020


• Active Noise Cancellation
• H1 Headphone Chip
• Digital Crown to Adjust Audio
• Up to 20 hours Battery
• Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity


The next step for the AirPods line, the rumored AirPods Max will add headphones to Apple's audio and music department. Designed to have all the features of the AirPods Pro while adding some of its own new technology, the AirPods Max will provide Apple fans a headphone alternative to the world-renowned AirPods.

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