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Apple's iOS and iPad 13.6 Update

| 3 months ago


On July 15, 2020, Apple released iOS and iPad 13.6 with additional features. The new update is available for all users to download and experience on their own iPhones.

Apple News+ Audio and Car Key

iPhones and iPads with iOS and iPad 13.6, respectively, now supports Apple News+ Audio. The new feature gives subscribers the option to choose professionally-narrated stories.

Another upgrade to the Car Key feature on iPhones and watches. Similar to before, the Car Key feature will be compatible with the new BMW 5 Series to lock, unlock, and start up the supported vehicles.

The digital keys could be shared with iMessage and are expected to last up to five hours after the users' iPhone battery runs out.

Software Update Options on iOS 13.6

Apple made sure to add an additional option for users to choose when to update their devices.

On the Software Update page, users can choose to enable Automatic Updates or to Install Updates Overnight.

Having more options means less inconvenient experiences for all users.

More Symptoms on Health App

The big tech company does not shy away from ensuring we all check and take note of our symptoms.

With the ongoing rise of COVID-19 cases all around the world, Apple fixed bugs and improved the Health app to include more symptoms for users to track how they are feeling.

Users can input symptoms from their iPhones or watches to make sure they don't miss nor forget an important detail.

allapplenews-product-iOS 14

System Covered

iOS 14
Release Date:
September 2020


The iOS 14 released with a variety of new features, including new widget design, a new built-in translate app, sleep tracking in Health App and more. These are designed to make your iOS experience cleaner yet cooler with its upgrades. iOS 14 truly separates the old-generation of iPhones from the new.

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