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Apple Tests Remodeled Maps App For Users In Canada

| 2 months ago


For Apple users outside of the US, the Maps app may not show everything you want to see.

Since iOS 12, the Apple Maps app showed more details of nearby malls, sports fields, walkways, bodies of water, buildings, roads, restaurants, and more. Similar to Google Maps, the Apple Maps app is a navigational application to help you view new locations from a top-down view.

Knowing your destination, you'll want the best routes and guides to get you there. View from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. If you have your device connected to CarPlay, you can view your routes and destinations as you travel.

Recently, details about Apple's updates for the Maps app reveals a remodeled design. Let's take a look at what you can expect.

Perks of Using Maps App

The latest Maps app update provides you guides to find the best places you will want to visit. From food, shopping to new locations to explore, the Maps app is designed to help you find and travel to your destination instantly.

As mentioned above the Maps app is available on any Apple device of your choice. From your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch to your Mac, the Maps app is ready when you are to begin your next adventure.

Get real-time traffic details for the city or town you'll visit. You can also learn about the speed limits in the area while getting updated directions if you miss a turn.

One of the upcoming updates that are coming soon for the Maps app is electric vehicle (EV) routing. The new function will let you track your vehicle's status, including its battery levels, elevation, and viewing the type of charger it needs when you're looking for a charge station.

Besides being extremely helpful with navigating our trips for work and fun, the Maps app will be getting an expansion soon for users outside of Canada.

Redesigned Apple Maps App for Canada

Besides the United States, other countries and locations around the world will get to view and use the new Maps app.

Intended to enhance your overall user experience and provide you with more information than before about your surroundings, the new Maps app will be available in Canada soon.

Apple recently launched the remodeled Maps App in Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK). It is rumored that another update with additional expansion will arrive later.

Like Apple's other updates, there will be extensive testing before the full Maps app launch will be available for Apple users in Canada.

The best part about this upcoming redesign is that it's arriving for users outside of the US within the same year as the initial Maps app expansion.

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