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Apple TV+ Bags Rights for Tetris: The Movie

| 1 month ago


Here’s a game and a name you haven’t heard of in a while- Tetris. Why are we talking about Tetris today?

Because Apple TV+ has bagged the rights to the upcoming film Tetris: The Movie. The film will tell the story of how the iconic video game came to be.

If you’re a fan of Apple TV+ and Tetris, keep reading to find out more about the film and others soon coming to your Apple TV+.

What We Know So Far

With Jon S. Baird in the director's chair, the film is set to begin shooting in December in Scotland with Kingsman films and Rocketman superstar, Taron Edgerton set to play the lead.

Sources from Deadline reveal that Edgerton will be playing Henk Rogers, a Dutch video game developer who licensed Tetris to Nintendo for the Game Boy console where it gained momentum in popularity.

The film will also highlight the Tetris copyright dispute Rodgers was involved in during the 1980s.

Other major roles that are being cast include those of the game creator and Russian software engineer, Alexey Pajitnov and businessmen Robert and Kevin Maxwell.

Produced by Matthew Vaughn’s Marv Films, Tetris: The Movie is the latest of Apple’s film deals for Apple TV+.

In addition to Apple securing Tetris: The Movie, it has also bagged big films from Will Smith and Antonie Fuqua, Jake Gyllenhaal, Martin Scorsese, Justin Timberlake, and Tom Hanks.

The Stacks Are High

The excitement surrounding a film like Tetris: The Movie comes from the nostalgia of the game on the original Nintendo Game Boy console, but also from the onboarding of new CEO Zygi Kamasa.

Kamasa having worked with Edgerton on Rocketman (2019) and resulting in Edgerton winning a Golden Globe for the film, it may be just what you need to hear to get hyped up for Tetris: The Movie.

We will keep you updated as we get to learn more from Marv Films and Apple. The build-up to the movie will be insane, you won’t want to miss it!

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