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Apple Watch Water Lock And Eject Feature Could Be In New 2020 iPhone

| 2 months ago


As we get closer to the Apple launch event next week on September 15, everyone is starting to speculate what the new features and products Apple could be announcing that day.

One of the features most of us would look forward to seeing is the water ejecting function seen on the Apple Watch series but in future iPhone models.

What is the Water Lock Mode?

On the Apple Watch Series 2, 3, 4, and 5, each smartwatch has the Water Lock mode ready at the users' disposal. The Water Lock mode is best used when you wear your Apple Watch while you're swimming or near any form of moisture.

The definition of 'moisture' to Apple with regards to the Water Lock Mode is anything related to "freshwater, saltwater, liquids, gases or steam." Exposure to these forms of moisture will most likely damage your device without water-resistant features.

Instances that your Apple Watch may be exposed to these forms of moisture could be when you go swimming, surfing, or other water-based workouts.

The Water Lock mode is easy to enable through the Control Center and simple to turn off with the Digital Crown on the side of the Apple Watch.

If you would like to see how the Apple Watch ejects water from itself in Water Lock mode, take a look at The Slow Mo Guys' video:

Will future iPhones get the Water Lock Mode?

A recent patent shared by Patently Apple showcased future iPhone models using the water-ejection system seen in the Apple Watch series. The patent was shared on September 8 to the public by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Patently Apple includes a diagram that shows "the invention regarding a water expelling system is for an iPhone this time around."


Adding the Water Lock mode to the iPhone models will give you the same benefits and protection against moisture wherever you may be.

When we find ourselves wanting to bring our smartphones to activities and areas with more moisture than our devices can handle, the Water Lock mode will protect our iPhones from damage.

The water-ejecting system will also save us money in the long-run, assuming our devices aren't drowned in water. We can worry less about replacing our devices due to water damage.

While these details are still speculative as past patents by the big tech company didn't follow through, we can only hope that Water Mode idea will be considered for future iPhone models.

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