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AppleCare Memo Reveals Possible New Products December 8

Nadia Ali

| 17 days ago


We may be near the end of the year, but Apple likely has one more major product announcement under its belt.

The product in question? AppleCare.

About AppleCare

AppleCare is Apple's hardware service and software support platform that offers one-stop service from product experts. Apple claims in most cases, just one call is all you'll need to solve your problem.

Moreover, most Apple hardware comes equipped with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support.

If you desire to extend your coverage after this period is up, you have the option to purchase AppleCare+ or the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Internal Memo


However, in regards to the potential AppleCare announcement this month, an internal memo uncovered this week contained information on Apple informing service providers to prepare for changes related to AppleCare coming as soon as December 8 at 5:30 am PST.

The memo advised technicians to be ready for new and/or updated SKUs (also known as 'Stock Keeping Unit'), product descriptions, and product pricing.

The memo appears reliable, as Apple is known to issue such memos ahead of several product announcements in the past, such as with the iPhone 12 this year. Similarly, that memo advised technicians to prepare for AppleCare adjustments as well.

A Christmas Surprise?

It is unknown whether Apple will host another virtual event, although it does seem unlikely. But it is important to note that 5:30 am PST is a trendy time to announce new products for the company.

What these products could be is also unknown. However, rumors circulating of Apple AirTags, AirPods over-ear headphones, and an Apple TV with a gaming controller are coming soon.

A Twitter user named "L0vetodream" leaked last month that there would be a "Christmas surprise from Apple," but the validity of that statement is uncertain.

Going off the memo, it is probable to expect AppleCare changes. Next week, whichever products are announced will probably have AppleCare+ coverage available so that we may be looking at new hardware.

All in all, it's probably a clever idea to not get our hopes up too much. In the meantime, we'll be paying attention to any announcements made on December 8 at 5:30 am PST.

Products Covered

allapplenews-product-iPhone 12 and 12 mini
iPhone 12 and 12 mini
Release Date
October 2020


• 5.4" / 6.1" OLED Display & 458 PPI
• iOS 14
• A14 Bionic Chip
• 3D Camera
• Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


The iPhone 12 has been long-anticipated as the next-gen iPhone, and now, it's here. Offering 5G connectivity, the A14 chip, new camera systems, and more, the iPhone 12 upgrades everything. With a refreshing design of the iPhone frame itself, the iPhone 12 sets up the iPhone product line for the future.

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