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Aqara's Smart Lights Are (Probably) En Route To The US Marketplace Soon

| 25 days ago


Aqara, a Chinese smart home technology company, has commenced beta testing of Apple's Adaptive Lighting technology for use in their very own lower-cost smart lights.

The partnership will be a part of Apple's HomeKit and will have the main feature of adjusting the color temperature lighting based on time of day.

Changing Colors Throughout The Day

The driving factor behind having lighting that changes color throughout the day in comfort and productivity.

Users may want brighter lights in the morning and afternoon when they are focused on work. Still, as it gets darker outside, they might want to gradually transition from those harsher tones to a softer, subtle dinnertime glow by removing those blue lights.

The best part is, it's completely up to the user to decide.

The US Market

Although Aqara lights are not specifically available for purchase in the US just yet, Aqara has introduced some products into the American marketplace in the past.

Even though the release of smart lights is still tentative and far from official, there is a good chance it will come to fruition with the fact that Aqara already has their Smart Home Starter Kit on the market in the US—complete with sensors, a hub, and smart plug.

It would only be a natural progression to continue to introduce additional similar products.

Many companies in the past already made their smart home products compatible with Apple's HomeKit, including Aqara, Eve, and Philips Hue. With beta testing underway, it is not hard to believe that Aqara will be the next competitor in the American marketplace.

Products Covered

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• 172 mm high (6.8")
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