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CarPlay Among Additions Made To "Microsoft Teams" Improvements

Nadia Ali

| 20 days ago


December seemed to start strong for Microsoft, with the company updating its Microsoft Teams software to include improvements to their Teams Calling feature.

This change will make it much easier for organizations and their employees to communicate with one another.

The Improvements

So, what can you expect with these improvements?

The Calls app has been rebuilt to have all the important information regarding phone calls in one streamlined place, including the dial pad, call history, voicemail, contacts, and settings, all creating a seamless user experience eliminating unnecessary back and forth fidgeting.

Moreover, your Call recordings can now be shared on OneDrive and SharePoint, along with introducing a new spam identification tool that notifies users of calls that are likely spam, thus, allowing the calls to be easily ignored.

Teams now also have the ability to "digitally attest" outgoing calls to prevent external recipients from potentially rejecting them.

Apple CarPlay Features

Regarding Apple, CarPlay support has also been added, which gives Siri, and the built-in vehicle controls access to placing and receiving calls, for users to do so within their cars safely.

2021 will also see Microsoft Teams having the ability to transfer calls between mobile and desktop - an especially great addition for on-the-go users. Additional features include call merging, data preservation via a low data mode, and an advanced reverse phone number lookup that shows the caller's name.

Be sure to check Microsoft's official website for more of the improvements and features you can expect with Teams. Your daily workflow just got a lot easier!

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iOS 14
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The iOS 14 released with a variety of new features, including new widget design, a new built-in translate app, sleep tracking in Health App and more. These are designed to make your iOS experience cleaner yet cooler with its upgrades. iOS 14 truly separates the old-generation of iPhones from the new.

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