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Caviar's $10K iPhone 12 Pro Casing Includes Original Apple I Piece

| 10 days ago


In yesterday's news, Caviar Royal gift unveiled an iPhone 12 Pro casing with Apple founder Steve Jobs, who has widely recognized turtleneck fragments embedded in the Apple logo!

Today, the Russian luxury brand launched a similar idea for another iPhone 12 Pro casing and this one is worth a big $10,000!

Caviar's Distinguished Originality

Caviar is a Russian brand of exclusive high-end accessories that makes extravagant and expensive custom casings for iPhones. Caviar smartphones and watches are designed in an artful combination of high technologies and elegant luxury.

Crafted using exclusive materials such as gold, precious stones, and genuine leather, Caviar promises extravagance for a 'sophisticated' audience.


Their recent extravagances include a custom iPhone 12 Pro casing that features a fragment of the original Apple I's circuitry.

The casing is available in iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max in three storage sizes:

  • 128 GB Storage (Costs $9,990)
  • 256 GB Storage (Costs $10,300)
  • 512 GB Storage (Costs $10,690)

According to Caviar, the casing is aimed at becoming a unique accessory for all Apple fans and rarity admirers.

Apple I: An Inspiration for Caviar Designers


The Apple I (The Apple Computer 1, Apple-1) is a desktop computer released by Apple in 1976. It was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak and the idea of selling the computer came from Apple founder, Steve Jobs.

As the first Apple product, the creation came at the cost of Jobs selling his vehicle of the time and Wozniak selling his HP-65 calculator for $500. The Apple I went up for sale in July 1976 for $666.66. This specific price was chosen because Wozniak "liked repeating digits"

Production of the Apple I was discontinued on September 30, 1977, after the June 10, 1977 introduction of its successor, the Apple II.

Apple 1, the first computer of the future global giant and innovator in the digital industry, inspired Caviar's designers to create a unique gadget Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1. An element of the first PC in the world is incorporated into a wooden case with a glossy titanium screen, resembling the original design of Apple 1. You are holding a part of a historical moment!
Caviar Royal Gift

The History of Caviar

Caviar has a short but decorated brand history!

In 2011, the brand concept of Caviar was created. Their first collection included gold phones based on the iPhone 4.

The Caviar online boutique was created in 2012. The sales of the first collections of modified iPhone gadgets started with the gold collection of iPhone 4s and iPad mini, diamond collection of iPhone 5.

2013 is when Caviar issued the iPhone 5s and celebrities like Alexander Inshakov and boxer Nikolay Valuev began to take notice of the luxury brand. This was followed by a sold-out collection of portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin designed specifically for the Russian market.


The first previous Caviar Apple Watch covered with gold and decorated with miniature symbolic manual engravings was made in 2015.

This came after Caviar started cooperating with the designers, Daniel Mazoni and Paolo Reato. Both Mazoni and Reato are famous in Italy for their work for the brands Ducatti and Pininfarina.

In 2016 Caviar created a bulletproof body made up of demask steel and in 2017 through 2018, they continued their innovative process.

In 2019, Caviar took on the global market with their Superior Collection which included designs featuring personal items from celebrities such as Steve Jobs, Mike Tyson, Marylin Monroe, and more.

Caviar's Apple 1 casing is available for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max on Caviar's website.

Products Covered

allapplenews-product-iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max
Release Date
October 2020


• 6.1" / 6.7" / Super Retina XDR OLED
• iOS 14
• A14 Bionic Chip
• Rumoured to include LiDAR Scanner
• Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


With the iPhone 12 comes the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. These Pro models take the innovation of the iPhone 12 and enhance them even further. The iPhone 12 Pro models introduce the first-ever quad-lens camera system, which includes the LiDAR scanner, to pair with its A14 chip and 5G compatibility. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are truly the most cutting-edge smartphones on the market.

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