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Get AirPods Max Delivered Faster with Engraving

| 12 days ago


AirPods Max, Apple's first over-ear headphones went up for sale yesterday and already delivery estimates have slipped into 2021 for most colors.

It's quite impossible to place an order today for the AirPods Max today and get it in time for the December holidays unless you choose to get them engraved.

Free Engraving Comes with Faster Delivery

AirPods Max buying options offer free engraving. With this free engraving option, some colors are promising to ship faster.

For instance, the pink version of AirPods Max with an engraving can be delivered to you between December 30 through January 7. If you choose not to get the engraving on the pink color, the estimated delivery is between 12-14 weeks from the day you place your order.

The green color with engraving will deliver between January 21-28 instead of the 12-14 week wait and engraving the blue color, cuts the delivery wait by a month!

The space grey and silver AirPods Max are still delivering at the end of December and with free engraving, it'll just speed it up a little (not a lot). Engravings can be anything from your name and phrases (text) of up to 14 characters or a single emoji.

No Clear Indication for Why Engraving Speeds Up Delivery

There is no clear idea as to why free engraving gets your AirPods Max shipped to you faster.

Perhaps Apple has separate stock for those who want engravings and for those who opt-out of the option. This would explain the longer shipping times for the non-engraved AirPods Max.

Considering how much stock Apple has to save for in-store pickups, the long delivery dates for online orders make sense.

Apple's AirPods Max is priced at $549 with the first deliveries set to roll out on December 15, 2020. AirPods Max is available to order today from and the Apple Store App.

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allapplenews-product-AirPods Max
AirPods Max
Release Date
December 2020


• Active Noise Cancellation
• H1 Headphone Chip
• Digital Crown to Adjust Audio
• Up to 20 hours Battery
• Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity


The next step for the AirPods line, the rumored AirPods Max will add headphones to Apple's audio and music department. Designed to have all the features of the AirPods Pro while adding some of its own new technology, the AirPods Max will provide Apple fans a headphone alternative to the world-renowned AirPods.

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