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Google's Project Zero Proves Apple's Security Failure

Nadia Ali

| 19 days ago


A massive security failure, on Apple's account, provided the opportunity for a potential hacker to take total remote control of iPhones within WiFi range. Thanks to the theory of the risk being tested by Google, it never came into actuality.

The Details

The breach would have allowed the hacker to download all the data on the iPhones in question, even being able to activate the device's cameras and microphones for real-time spying access.

The security hole lay in Apple Wireless Direct Link (AWDL), a networking protocol that has the capacity to do many things like sending any file or image stored on an iPhone.

How It Was Discovered

To prove the security mishap was not just a theoretical risk, Ian Beer, a respected security researcher from Google's Project Zero, demonstrated the exact "hacking" ability by taking complete remote control of an iPhone from another room.

The proof of failure has been a long time coming, as Beer has been studying AWDL's since 2018 and writes all about it here.


Project Zero was launched by Google in 2014 and consists of a group of security analysts who help determine vulnerabilities within companies' security and notify them before hackers have the chance to take advantage of the weak spots.

Chris Evans, Project Zero founder, acknowledged the terrifying part of Apple's iPhone situation was the hacker could have successfully gained access without the need for any interaction from the user.

In other words, there was the potential of the user not ever being aware of their data and privacy is at risk at all.

The Bottom Line

As unfortunate as the situation is, the good news is that no hackers exploited this massive security failure. Apple has since resolved the issue — although not before downplaying the whole issue.

allapplenews-product-iOS 14

System Covered

iOS 14
Release Date:
September 2020


The iOS 14 released with a variety of new features, including new widget design, a new built-in translate app, sleep tracking in Health App and more. These are designed to make your iOS experience cleaner yet cooler with its upgrades. iOS 14 truly separates the old-generation of iPhones from the new.

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