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iOS 14 And iPadOS 14 Eighth Betas Just Released To Developers

Alex Moore

| 2 months ago


After two months following the WWDC event, Apple seeded the eighth beta of the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to developers to test for bugs before the official 'to be determined' launch.

The iOS 14 update will be redesigned for iPhone users to experience their device in a new design.

The New iOS 14 Features to Keep in Mind

With the new Picture in Picture mode, you can multitask two functions at once. They can continue watching a YouTube video while reading an email or responding to a text message on the same screen.

You can also perform the same multitasking feature while on a FaceTime call. If you ever find yourself needing to search a restaurant or double-check a detail during your calls, the Picture in Picture lets you do everything you need without using a second device.


The App Library gets a modified organization system where you can view the applications in an alphabetical list or in groups. You will also notice the upgraded app icon colors and designs as seen for the Music app and buttons within the app as well.

Another new feature Apple introduces in the iOS 14 is App Clips. App Clips gives you the feature of apps without downloading the entire application.

App Clips are helpful for scanning QR codes and NFC tags, especially if you find yourself needing to make a quick purchase without wanting to open your wallet app.

Your iPhone Will Be Easier to Use with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14


With a cleaner, simpler, and more modern appearance, the Home Screen will support widgets that can be expanded in size and adjusted to your preference.

The easy-to-use theme extends to the Messages app where you can now pin your favorite conversations and use @mentions to reply to specific individuals in large group chats. Apple didn't forget to include new Memoji options for you to include in group conversations.

A new focus Apple is adding more emphasis to for this update is health. In the Health app, the Apple Watch can now track your sleep and provide suggestions to improve your quality of sleep for better health.

Apple also adds cycling directions to the Maps app with guided suggestions to enhance your time outdoors.

For both the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, we should expect Apple will be updating their Privacy Report and features to educate users on their information and third-party trackers.

The iPadOS 14 update also has an updated text field for the Apple Pencil to convert handwriting to text.

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iOS 14
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September 2020


The iOS 14 released with a variety of new features, including new widget design, a new built-in translate app, sleep tracking in Health App and more. These are designed to make your iOS experience cleaner yet cooler with its upgrades. iOS 14 truly separates the old-generation of iPhones from the new.

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