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It's A Warm Welcome For Apple Maps in Vienna, Austria

Nadia Ali

| 27 days ago


One of the top rivals to Google Maps, Apple Maps has another update to enhance your user experience and navigation in a new city.

With the latest access to guides, recommendations to near-by shops, events, and monuments, Apple Maps is your ultimate guide to exploring any location.

A recent Apple Maps update integrates more coverage in the largest city in Austria. Continue reading to learn more!

Apple Maps in Vienna, Austria

It's a monumental day in Vienna, Austria, with Apple updating its map coverage to the city, focusing on public transportation in and around the capital.

The release of Apple Maps in the country, specifically the major cities like Vienna, will help commuters with their transit directions by selecting different routes when looking for directions between two locations.

Austrian users will be able to view major train routes such as the U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines.

As mentioned, Vienna is the city with the highest and most in-depth coverage. Still, most other cities are welcoming Apple Maps as well, albeit with a less exhaustive offering.

For example, in Innsbruck, Austria, the fifth-largest city in the country, Maps has included regional trains but other modes of transportation such as buses, etc., are yet to arrive.

Apple Maps only integrated transit directions into its web mapping service as early as 2015, with the iOS 9. Even then, only a handful of major cities were able to reap the benefits of transit information. But the last five years have seen Apple work hard to expand its Maps reach into many other areas.

For a full list of cities and countries in the world supported by Apple Maps, you can refer to their iOS and iPadOS Feature Availability website, an extensive list of cities with coverage.

Hopefully, Apple Maps' introduction into Austrian cities will help commuters travel more efficiently and get from Point A to Point B much faster!

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