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Leaker Reveals AirTags May Arrive Soon In Two Size Options

| 2 months ago


During uncertain times, Apple fans will turn to helpful sources for information about the upcoming Apple releases. Lucky for us, we can rely on renowned Apple leakers and tech analysts Jon Prosser and @L0vetodream for information about the highly-anticipated AirTags.

Rumored to release 'soon,' the latest AirTags leak hints at more than one size option that could be available.

Before we dive into the leak, let's take a look at what we know so far about the Apple AirTags.

What is AirTags

AirTags is rumored to be Apple's first Bluetooth tracking accessory. It is rumored to be linked with the Find My app found on Apple users' iPhones. Similar to Tile, AirTags would be wireless and used to help you find your lost or forgotten personal items.

The rumors about the AirTags so far reveal that it would use a magnetic charging technology and be waterproof. These features would make it more flexible for Apple users to use it without the worries of tangled wires and spilled liquids nearby.

Apple leaker and tech analyst Jon Prosser collaborated with @CConceptCreator to create a 3D rendered image of what the AirTags could look like.

Let's uncover the AirTags size leak first and we'll discuss the concept design later in the article.

Leak: AirTags Sizes Revealed

Known for sharing reliable predictions, @L0vetodream shares insights about the AirTags in a recent tweet from earlier this week.

@L0vetodream hints at a "big one... small one... coming soon." The Apple leaker then tweeted approximately an hour later that the earlier tweet referred to the [Air]"tag TAG."

While @L0vetodream doesn't give us any other details about the upcoming AirTags tracking accessory, we can expect more details to be shared with us as we get closer to the launch.

Keeping in mind that there is a third Apple Event rumored to take place on November 17, we could see the official launch for the AirTags as early as next month.

At the same time, the AirTags accessory could be delayed to 2021, like the rumored AirPods Studio that is predicted to be postponed to launch in March 2021.

AirTags Concept Design and Other Rumors

Like all Apple products, the expectations for the AirTags design are to have a simple, minimalist, classic Apple design. Prosser's collaboration with @CConceptCreator matches the minimalist design we see for other latest Apple accessory releases, such as the HomePod mini in White and Space Gray.

The concept design Prosser and @CConceptCreator created reveals a disc-like 'tag.' The design reveals a blank white front without the logo and polished matte metal back with the Apple logo stamped on it.

The simple and, what appears to be, the lightweight design would make it quick and easy for users to move the AirTags around to track various items.

Until the AirTags launch, Apple fans will rely on the latest leaks to piece together other additional features the Bluetooth tracking accessory can offer.

Products Covered

Release Date
Fall 2020


• AR Balloons
• Lost Mode
• Safe Location


A brand-new Apple product, the Apple AirTags are tracking devices to keep your items in order. Attach them to any of your devices (or personal items), and you'll be able to track them from your Find My app as if they were Apple devices themselves. And, in case you lose your item, you'll have a variety of tools to help you relocate it. Expecting a release in Fall 2020, the AirTags will be useful for keeping your devices secure.

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