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New Wristcam Brings Camera to Apple Watch

| 18 days ago


Apple Watch is one Apple device that doesn't feature a camera, but that doesn't mean it can't.

Apple has released an Apple Watch product that is about to change how you wear your Apple watch.

Check out what the new product is below!

Introducing Wristcam for Apple

No camera on your Apple Watch? This is an easy fix for Apple as the gadget maker has a new wrist-worn camera, also known as a Wristcam.

The Wristcam is a one of a kind experience certified by Apple and made exclusively for the Apple Watch. The Wristcam is a camera tucked into a thicker band that attaches to the Apple Watch so you can stop imagining a bulky camera sitting on top.

The Wristcam Camera Features

Wristcam features two HD cameras, a "world-facing" 8-megapixel camera, and a "self-facing" 2-megapixel camera.

The cameras sit alongside a microphone and LED light. On the side that features the "world-facing" camera, there is also a Quick Capture button, and the modular design includes All-day Battery life as well.

The Wristcam is supported through the Wristcam app, downloadable from the Apple App Store. The Wristcam app includes a live viewfinder, gallery, and sharing tools.

Coming in a variety of colors, Wristcam is water-resistant and comes with memory storage that synchronizes new photos and videos to your iPhone while it's charging along with a magnetic USB charging cable.

Wristcam Offers Camera Experience Everywhere

Wristcam founder Ari Roisman has said that the purpose of Wristcam is to make a camera available when there isn't one.

Living with Wristcam feels a bit like having superpowers. Customers love our lightweight, casual camera for quick capture while staying in the moment. The phone isn't always within reach, and it's nice to have a camera handy when going out with friends, or going on a run, ride, or hike with just an Apple Watch.
Ari Roisman

Roisman continues by saying,

But it's Wristcam's live video capabilities that are truly next level and sci-fi worthy. I'm so proud of our team and the transformational product experience we've been able to craft. We are so excited to see all the new types of content and experiences Apple Watch users create with Wristcam.
Ari Roisman

The Wristcam is priced at $299 and can be purchased from the Wristcam website.

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