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Recent watchOS 7.0.3 Update Answers Restart And Battery Issues

Turner Ngo

| 2 months ago


Along with the other Apple updates, the watchOS 7 operating system was released in September to give Apple users a brand-new user experience. Like all updates, there will be unresolved bugs that will need to be addressed in the next update.

It can be frustrating when our Apple Watch doesn't perform the way we expect it to. The latest issues for the watchOS was a battery drainage problem and restart issue that Apple Watch users noticed.

Exclusive to Apple Watch Series 3 users, Apple released the watchOS 7.0.3 update to resolve the major problems users faced from performing regular tasks.

Here is what you need to know about the watchOS update for the Apple Watch Series 3.

watchOS 7.0.2 Fixes Battery Problem

Just last week, Apple shared the watchOS 7.0.2 update to help Apple Watch Series 3 users with the battery drainage problem. As noted on the update page, the watchOS 7.0.2 "addresses an issue that could cause the battery to drain more quickly."

While Apple resolved the battery issue, Apple Watch users are unsure about what caused the battery problem at the beginning.

Another issue the watchOS 7.0.2 update would resolve is the "issue that prevented some users from accessing the ECG app in regions where it is available."

The ECG app, also known as "Electrocardiograms," is used to track and monitor the users' heart rate. Accessed through the Health app on the iPhone, you can see how the electrical heart sensor on your Apple Watch records your heart rhythm.

Now that the ECG app should be fixed with the watchOS 7.0.2 update, users shouldn't have a problem with monitoring, tracking and reviewing their irregular heart rhythms.

If these two issues impeded your daily tasks and routine, wait till you hear about the unexpected restart issue some Apple Watch users experienced.

watchOS 7.0.3 Resolves Restart Issues

Only a week after the watchOS 7.0.2 update, Apple releases the watchOS 7.0.3 to resolve the issue Apple Watch Series 3 users experienced. Apple noted that the watchOS 7.0.3 update is exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 3 device and no other Apple Watch model will get this update.

On the update page, Apple added a brief description to highlight the changes Apple Watch Series 3 users should expect:

watchOS 7.0.3 contains improvements and bug fixes, including an issue where Apple Watch Series 3 may unexpectedly restart for some users.

Now that the Apple Watch SE and Series 6 are released, the Apple Watch Series 3 is getting major discounts from online stores.

While some Apple fans may have expected Apple to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 and watchOS updates for it, Apple has not removed the Series 3 as it did for the Series 4 and 5 from its online store.

Check for the Latest watchOS Update

If you haven't already, get the latest watchOS update on your Apple Watch to ensure all the bugs are resolved. View, download, and install the update by visiting your Apple Watch app on your iPhone to get started.

You will see the button to begin the download and installation process when you visit the General and Software Update pages.

Before you begin updating, ensure that your Apple Watch is charged to at least 50% to limit any interruptions and avoid having to re-do the process again.

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watchOS 7
Release Date:
September 2020


Designed to optimize the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, watchOS 7 introduces more features to help you with fitness and health. You'll also get new design options so you can style your Apple Watch the way you want. For the Apple Watch users out there, watchOS 7 will make your Apple Watch an even more versatile device.

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