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Recently Published Patent Reveals Rechargeable Apple Car Design

| 2 months ago


Apple has made a product for almost every device and accessory we would need to assist with our daily tasks. From a smartphone to a smartwatch that we can bring with us at all times to desktop and television sets, our lifestyles are optimized by the Apple products we own.

We also have the option to have a Smart Home with the latest HomePod and HomePod mini technology that integrates all our Apple devices. Staying connected isn't a challenge anymore.

The latest unconfirmed Apple project is the first Apple Car. A recent publication of Apple's patent for its first vehicle reveals new revisions to the project. Let's take a look at the features Apple considers including into the Apple Car.

Apple Car Vehicle Features

The Apple Car project has been long-rumored to integrate electric vehicle features. Given Apple's wireless charging MagSafe devices, it wouldn't be surprising to see a vehicle that is powered on electricity, perfect for users to charge their car overnight.

The latest publication of the Apple Car patent was titled "Charging station with passive alignment mechanism." If there are no technical issues impeding this idea, Apple makes it easier and quicker for the Apple Car to charge immediately when the user parks the vehicle.

Making it easier to charge your Apple Car would be ideal because a user's experience is one of the many determining factors of the product's success.

The patent further elaborates on the logistics of the charging plug. The images included in the patent reveal Apple's plans to anticipate and accommodate every users' parking style for the charging process.

The charging plug could be pivoted horizontally or vertically to adjust to the angle of the parked vehicle. Having this feature would make it easier for every type of driver as it is challenging to park our vehicles perfectly every time.

Compatibility with Apple Products

With every new product, Apple finds a way to integrate it with other Apple products to make it simple for users to transition between each device. The Apple Car should be no exception to this.

CarPlay is the current feature Apple integrated onto your iOS devices for when you're driving. For the Apple Car, we can expect a similar integration of your iPhone into it.

A feature Apple could try to integrate into the Apple Car is a virtual car key. The latest integration of Apple's products into a vehicle is its collaboration with BMW to create the BMW Digital Key.

Since Apple is capable of creating a digital key to access from the driver's iPhone, it is not impossible to see a similar integration into the Apple Car project.

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allapplenews-product-HomePod mini
HomePod mini
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October 2020


• 172 mm high (6.8")
• 142 mm wide (5.6")
• Siri Voice Control
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Redesigning the HomePod entirely, the HomePod mini is the compact version of Apple's smart speaker. It is capable of doing everything from playing crisp audio to controlling your home accessories. With enhanced Siri compatibility, the HomePod mini will make your life easier at home.

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