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Refurbished 2020 MacBook Pro Models Available At Apple Stores With Discounts

Ryan Anand

| 2 months ago


Apple now offers refurbished 2020 13-inch MacBook Pros at a discounted price for the first time.

With up to $200 in savings, Apple is making the refurbished MacBook Pros available for purchase from its online store in the United States.

The refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro has both the i5 and i7 models available. The 1.4GHz i5 MacBook Pro can be purchased at $1,099 with the $200 savings included.

Unsplash / Dmitry Chernyshov @oneor0

For all purchases of the refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro, users will get a one-year warranty, free delivery, and returns as long as they live in the United States.

Everyone can feel reassured that all the refurbished products are thoroughly cleaned, underwent various tests to ensure it fully functions, and only uses Apple replacements where necessary.

Since the MacBook Pro was initially released in May of this year, the oldest model everyone could purchase would only be three months old or less.

Products Covered

allapplenews-product-MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro
Release Date
November 2020


• 256GB / 512GB
• 13.3" LED-Backlit Retina Display with IPS Technology
• Apple M1 chip
• 8GB / 16GB unified Memory
• Up to 17 Hours Wireless Web


The brand-new 13-inch MacBook Pro uses Apple's best-ever chip on its most advanced MacBook model. Designed for speed, power, and excellence, the 13-inch MacBook Pro improves all the features that make the MacBook Pro one of the most popular and capable laptops out there. The M1 chip, macOS Big Sur, and a host of upgrades make this MacBook truly a Pro.

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