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Rumors Heat Up About CarPlay Expansion for 2021 Portless iPhones

| 1 month ago


The headphone jack missing from your new iPhone may be the promising beginning of a new wireless era for Apple’s iPhone.

The introduction of AirPods may have accelerated the rise of even newer wireless Apple devices, and with this comes the expansion of wireless CarPlay.

Currently, you can connect your iPhone to your car for CarPlay with a USB cable. Depending on your automobile compatibility, you can use CarPlay wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection from your iPhone to your car.

Continue reading to learn how the rumored wireless CarPlay will affect future portless iPhones in 2021.

Rumor Has It

Rumors are swirling amongst the tech, and automobile industry about the expansion of Wireless CarPlay into more new vehicles as rumors about the potential of portless iPhones continue to heat up.

These rumors have been strengthened in accord by claims made by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo about a “completely wireless experience” for iPhone in 2021.

Long gone are the days of the lightning cable since the takeover by Wireless CarPlay.

Wireless CarPlay works through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing drivers to attend phone calls, play music or radio, and more while staying hands-free and focusing on the road.

What's a Car Gotta Do?

Automobile giants Hyundai and Cadillac have introduced wireless CarPlay in their various 2021 models.

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra features up to two 10.25-inch displays, one for the option of wireless CarPlay.

The adaptability of automobiles to mobile technologies has been incredible, and with the potential for a new wireless iPhone, more auto companies may be forced to adapt wireless CarPlay.

It will be interesting to see how and when Apple will roll out a completely portless and wireless iPhone experience in 2021.

Since the idea has been sparked in the Apple-verse, it will be even more interesting to see if automobile companies will keep up on their end.


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Using your iPhone on the car can be dangerous, which is why CarPlay allows you to transfer your iPhone screen onto your car's interface. Compatible with various vehicles, CarPlay will enable you to navigate, answer phone calls, and use some of your iPhone's essential functions without distracting yourself too much on the ride.

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